Mezzo Forte

OVA (2 eps)
2000 - 2001
3.259 out of 5 from 2,991 votes
Rank #9,733

The deadly Mikura and her friends are usually more than skilled enough to handle the dirty jobs they get, but they find themselves in over their head when they try to abduct the millionaire head of a gigantic crime family! Hilarity (and hardcore sex/violence) abounds as they clash with his gorgeous psychotic daughter Momomi and her army of hitmen.

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Well, as you can tell, this is another hentai related OVA’s that is actually part of Kite. I’m going to actually say sorry to MAK for not actually getting this done with the others but I had had enough of the series after Kite Liberator. It starts out with a baseball game with a manager corrupted by money and winning. He even has his daughter help him kill his pitcher. Then we go to Mikura and her ‘new team’ of fighters, who has been having strange visions of the killing that just happened while on another job. They don’t ever explain how she has these visions or why, they just have it as just there. Then we get a view of the special robots that are created. Somehow, the daughter of the business owner also can see into the future as well. The artwork and animation was actually really good for the most part, and the action scenes are pretty good though I have no clued how a bullet to the foot would have such a clean wound. Most of the anime actually does look like a bad porno. Not sure why there is porn in the show anyway because it never really explains what the fuck it has to do with the story plot. One is a nightmare, and the other is a rape seen. The men’s cocks are way out of proportion (Way too big for crying out loud!) to their bodies and look rather unnatural to say the least. The English voices… well, it’s kind of off from the Japanese version. They just don’t sound good at times and others feel a bit forced. They seem to push a lot into this. In the end, it’s a hentai and I shouldn’t have expected much from it. Its bad but I guess if you look at the genre its in, its good for what it is…


Your probably like ok looks like a fun 2 OVA. You ever watched hentai? If yah haven't watch this. Because this, this is hentai. Anime planet doesn't have hentai. But this is hentai. Makes sense right (no it doesnt). It's by green bunny a hentai studio that went outta business in 2006 . Your like nah its by ARMS. Well guess what ARMS also made hentai in its early days. So unless green bunny is an imprint or whatever the fuck this is hentai. Plain simple. I searched up mezzo forte on my school computer which has porn websites blocked but I assumed nah its just not there. So when I'm scrolling through "anime" for my playlist seeing if I see any episodes of some "anime" I watched, Mezzo Forte pops up.  Story: Hentai quality. At least whatever quality that is because I don't watch that. Also I only watched bout 4 minutes of it. Intently watched about 4 minutes. For reasons we both dont know(ok you probably do know) Animation: Violence and blood. My I pitched a complete tent for most of the OVA because the story was shit and there was so much blood it made my ass hurt. Now I don't watch h3ntai but if I did I'd rate the sex scenes a 4 cause they were short and cause she enjoyed getting spit roasted and raped by some guys. Whos dicks looked like fucking bottles of tobasco both in length and color. Peepee not hard. (Ok maybe a little bit) Sound: her voice made me wanna paint the walls with pieces of my fucking brains. Holy fuck Characters: buddy it's a hentai what characters? its hentai. All the people who are in the watched section y'all nasty.

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