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Mar 10, 2013

I'll try to keep my review short, because this is only about a 40 min OVA, but basically its a good old 80's sci-fi OVA without all that much context behind it.

Story and Characters- So the story focuses on this kid named Kouji who just happens to find  this military mecha suit prototype called Madox-01. He somehow finds himself piloting this thing, but at the same time needs to rendezvous with a girl he likes. So he races against the clock to meet up this girl while trying to avoid the military which is trying to reclaim the suit with their own suit (well I guess its more of an Exo-skeleton armor thing) and other various vehicles and weapons. The characters consist of our protagonist Kouji. Shiori the girl hes trying to meet up with and the various military pilots trying to stop him, most prominent being Ellie a female pilot who was supposed to test out the proto-type in the first place and Kilgore a rather bloodthirsty dude who seems to only be in it for the battle. The story and characters are both very basic, mostly because of the length, but they still carry out their purpose and at the very least the story doesn't seem rushed or forced, the story is actually pretty well paced.

Sound and Animation-  The animation is the strong point of this OVA as the mech designs are great and the animation is very smooth for its time. Theres lots of great action with missles, bullets and grappling wire flying around almost constantly during the middle and end parts of the OVA. The sounds is fairly forgettable and I don't even remember the ending theme, but it gets the job done and the voices were fairly good for the japanese dub that I watched.

Overall- Although its a short OVA without much development, I found it fairly enjoyable and definititely felt like I didn't waste my time with it. If you want to watch some cool mecha battles, with minial story for about 40 minutes then this is the anime for you. 

5.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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