Memories Off 3.5

OVA (4 eps x 27 min)
3.137 out of 5 from 299 votes
Rank #11,009

After being dumped by his former girlfriend Neo, Shogo lives together with a new girl named Kanata. While hanging out with his friends in Cubic Cafe, he found out that Neo is a very popular model in a commercial; and unexpectedly, Neo shows up at the front down with nothing to say to him. Tragedy happens, and now, Shogo must decide who is more important to him, Neo or Kanata. Six months from this incident, a new story in the same town with a few familiar faces occurs. Inori is a high school girl who is looking forward to a promise she made with her boyfriend a year ago – to attend the Ashikajima fireworks display during the summer. During the busy hours of the festival, his job keeps him at the Narazu-ya Cafe. Will fate bring them together once again at their secret location?

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