Mekaku City Actors

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Mekaku City Actors

The incidents which occurred on August 14th and 15th bring a group of young boys and girls together… They are members of a group they call themselves the “Mekakushi Dan” (Blindfold Organization) and each member possesses a strange power involving their eyes. Will the members of this peculiar organization be able to solve the mysteries behind these incidents and see the truth?

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Mekaku City Actors   Now to be honest, I think it is quite hard to make an anime out of 15 vocaloid songs, a manga and novel. Thought yes people have adapted animes from novels and mangas,  but where'd the vocaloid songs come from?! Well, all this came from the Kagerou Project of course! If you're a vocaloid fan, you definately should know what Kagerou Project is. Well, recently yesterday the final episode of the anime adaption so now I can review it as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen,, welcome to my fifth review. And that fifth review will be of Kagerou Project's Mekaku City Actors! Is a hit or miss to the fans of the songs, novel, or manga? Well...yes and no.   Additional Notes:    Mekaku City Actors is a 12 episode recent anime (that just ended) from the animation company Shaft that was orignally, like I said, 15 vocaloid songs, an ongoing novel and a ongoing manga all by a man named Jin. I would the content rating is TV-14 due to violence and language.    Story:   Hehe, Mekaku City Actors and Kagerou Project have quite a amazing and original story. About a group of 9 teens who join forces and become the Mekakushi Dan (in english The Blindfold City Actors and/or Gang! The catch is, all of the nine kids have special red-eye abilities created by supernatural snakes that make them all have certain superpowers. Thought yes, the anime does explain all this well however it's...a little rushed. A 12 episode anime can't really explain everything that's going on but they did manage to get it through. And also, a lot of Kagerou Project fans think this anime is confusing, which it is. Well, the songs were confusing too, but nobody bashed on it and hated it (yes they're are quite a few fans who hate the anime adaption). I don't hate this anime or the story we're trying to get across. Oh, and there are a few plot-holes in the anime, too. Though the anime is confusing, they still manage to get parts of the story right. But at least they had a decnt ending (with plotholes).   Characters:   Oh the characters, so many chracters! Now you may be wondering why I gave the chracters an 8.5. Well no , I love all the characters (Ayano and Ene are my favorites) but since the anime was only a rushed 12 episodes long, one would say the chracters aren't way too devloped. Needless to say, I have never read the manga or novel so I don't know if they're portrayed like this in the adaption correctly or not. And also *whispers* some of the characters are cliche. Hey I said some. Despite the uinderdevelpoment and clciheness for some, I do love the characters indeed!   Sound:  The music of Mekaku City Actors is quite a,,,wonderful thing. Well first of all, people have hated the way the opening is not Children Record and was actually a random (but catchy) song sung by a human being and same with the edning (Which I loved as well). And for the fact all the Kagerou Project songs are in there, though good, aren't the original and are sung by different people and not a vocaloid. I'm not sure why they would do that, it's kind of weird. All the songs and OSTs in the anime were composed by Jin. But either way, they're listenable. And as for the regular OSTs, love them! So the sound is definately listenable and great, but just not the same.   Animation:  One word for Mekaku City Actors animation. SHAFT. That's pretty much it, I think you know what I mean since I gave the animation a 7.9. The weird neck turns (I tried doing that, I almost broke my neck), weird standing positions, far away angles so you can hardly see the characters talk and the characters themselves (well, yeah don't argue with me about the last one because though they look simaler to the orignal designs, it's just...yeah).   Not much to say here. It's just SHAFT.   Overall:  Despite all the misses in Mekaku City Actors, it still definately worth a watch. It's clever, funny, and well written for a rushed 12 episode anime. I think the ones who hate the anime adaption don't quite understand and probably only have seen one episode and already hated. Watch the entire anime, you will learn to at least grow attached to it. So watch it. just for the sake of Kagerou Project.    (If there any questions or corrections about this review or Mekaku City Actors, contact me! ;D)

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