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Fall 2013
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There’s more to glasses than meets the eye! Akira, Hayata, Mitsuki, Takuma and Yukiya are eager to prove that spectacles are useful as more than just a fashion accessory or vision-correction tool. And while their Glasses Club doesn’t have a club room or any budget, they’ll do whatever it takes to spread the glory of glasses! Their first goal? To make x-ray glasses that can easily see through any clothing!

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Despite some aspects which, in my opinion, might turn some viewers off from this anime, I still really loved it, and I’ll explain why below. FIRST, THE CONS (keep in mind that despite all this, I still loved the show!) You would think that a show centered around the subject of glasses would leave the writers running out of content pretty quickly— and it kind of does. Some of the episodes really feel like the writers had nothing left to write about and are really straining for material. Some of the plotlines go past the point of zany and wacky randomss and into what feels like almost painful reaching for content. It starts to get really old that one of the characters’ entire personality is “he likes cream puffs.” What’s more, sometimes it felt like the animation was a little lazy— at a few points, instead of using animation they just sprang static images at you with voices in the background. What really took away from immersion for me is that background characters were often depicted using standard stick-figure bodies for most of the episodes. NOW, THE PROS: The colors are gorgeous; the art is very stylish, the entire anime is visually beautiful. The music is fantastic, I loved the opening sequence. What’s more, it felt to me throughout the series that there were lovely little bits of female-oriented fan service, including implied BL— and considering the creator had written actual BL before on multiple occasions, this is clearly no accident. As a big fan of yaoi/shonen-ai/BL, I really enjoyed those little bits. But here’s my favorite part: personally I’m a Harry Potter fan, and the main character in this anime was exactly James Potter to me, like down to a T. I’m sure this is just in my head and that it probably wasn’t intended, but toward the end of the series there’s an episode where two of the characters were dressed up like Slytherins from Harry Potter, and one of them was clearly Snape-like. So I can’t help wondering if maybe it wasn’t all 100% in my head? Like, if the writer was into HP enough to include a little nod to it in one of the eps, then maybe she was aware of the similarity of her main charater to one of the characters there? Haha, or maybe I'm just hopeful XD Either way, the main character (Akira) is so adorable regardless of how you look at it, that I loved the series just because of him. All in all, if you like animes about boys and a bit of implied BL, you may want to give this a go.

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