Megami Paradise

OVA (2 eps)
2.144 out of 5 from 138 votes
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Megami Paradise is an eden populated with scantily clad goddesses, protected by the outside world by a device known as the Astrostar. When the Mamamega, the protector of the Astrostar, requires a replacement, she contacts none other than Lilith, a bumbling girl who is destined to become a priestess and search for others to join her. But the Yamimama and her dark goddess followers have other plans for the Astrostar, and set out to take it for themselves! Can Lilith, Stasia, Juliana and the rest of the gang thwart these dark forces before it's too late?

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sothis Sep 6, 2004
Score 2/10

I just need to say that I wish there was some form of mental enema I could take before writing this review. I also wish that I had a small time machine that would allow me to go back in time one hour, and allow me to relive that part of my life, free of Megami Paradise’s cruel torture. That, or the notion that I could perhaps force its creators to eat vomit, since that’s about how bad this... read more

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