Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu?

TV Special (4 eps x 18 min)
3.105 out of 5 from 44 votes
Rank #14,270
Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu?

The gourmet manga focuses on the dining of cuisine. The protagonist Jirou Tamiyamaru is more obssessed with how to eat than most people, and the manga comically depicts how he agonizes over the differences with how others eat.

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Food! It is good!  It is life! You eat Yoke? What!!! Add a lot of exclamation points filled with excitement and over dramatics. So, this is a short subject about a man who takes his food way too seriously. The interesting way it goes about this is following our protagonist as he overreacts to how food is prepared and or eatten. If you want to know how to mix rice and greens and the all important egg, this is a title for you. If you wonder why your life is pointless, also watch this title! It will make you feel like your life is less pointless than this man.  The animation in this is actually kinda fun. It is a newspaper strip feel to it and makes me feel reminded of Thermae Romae. In fact the overall overreaction to everything reminds me of that title, but the title is nowhere near formed enough to hold a candle to Thermae Romae. In Thermae there is at least a formed story, even if it is convoluted. I say "story" because there is no real story, and with the short time to tell this food title, I would not expect much. Jut understand it is about eating food and taking it far too seriously,  Characters are supremely one dimensional and the comedy would only be there is you can take EXTREEME OVERREACTIONS to food. Overall, this is just an oddity. It might be worth a watch for kicks if you have only a short time to kill and are, well, bored. A break at work might fill the bill but there is only a meager amount of entertainment for those who have better things to do.. It is also interesting to watch for how some food is prepared.

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