Medaka Box Abnormal

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2012
3.927 out of 5 from 4,518 votes
Rank #1,567

After Medaka Kurokami defeated Myouri Unzen (the head of the disciplinary committee), she is recruited by the headmaster to join the "13 Party" - an elite and select group of 13 Abnormal students from Class 13. Medaka discovers that they are taking part in the Flask Plan, which aims to create perfect humans by sacrificing all the students in the school. It is up to Medaka and the rest of the student council to stop it.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Normal, Special, and Abnormal image

Episode 1

Normal, Special, and Abnormal

Sister, Sister, Sister! image

Episode 2

Sister, Sister, Sister!

Crush You Today! image

Episode 3

Crush You Today!

The Monster I've Sought image

Episode 4

The Monster I've Sought

You Can't Be Killed image

Episode 5

You Can't Be Killed

Please Become My Something image

Episode 6

Please Become My Something

The Lovely Name "Kurokami Kujira" image

Episode 7

The Lovely Name "Kurokami Kujira"

I Don't Want to See You Cry image

Episode 8

I Don't Want to See You Cry

Kurokami Medaka (Rev) image

Episode 9

Kurokami Medaka (Rev)

How to make everyone happy image

Episode 10

How to make everyone happy

That's All She Wrote! image

Episode 11

That's All She Wrote!

Good Loser Kumagawa. image

Episode 12

Good Loser Kumagawa.

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datNICCAstan's avatar
datNICCAstan Feb 28, 2015
Score 7.5/10

Great Story. The characters were pretty interesting. Im more interested in the new characters than the original story line, I hope they have a secon d season. The weakness of this anime was the ending. read more

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