Me! Me! Me!

Alt title: Nihon Animator Mihonichi: Me! Me! Me!

Web (1 ep x 8 min)
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Me! Me! Me!

You are attacked and ravished by many girls.

Animation music video by Teddyloid x daoko x Studio Khara.

Source: Japan Animator Expo

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Me!Me!Me! is just pretentious controversia to make you think for a little bit and forget about it until someone else mentions it, it will take some years so people would look back and said, ooh yeah, Me!me!me!... it has a nice message, and that will be all! The short has a pretty darn good animation and does a great coreography with the Music, the mind-fuck is actualy quite mind-fucking, and if you don't watch it for the "deep" "realistic methaporical" aspect, I think it does a great job in the ecchi department, pretty sexy and fapable material despite of being somewhat disturbing, of course if, you are into that. So I think that as a music video is interesting, but nothing else. When I first saw it, I knew there were going to rain lots of people taking it serious and praising it for embracing the reality of otaku sex obsession madness which ruins your life, MUST WATCH, LIFE CHANGING and all that pretentious over-analyzing stuff that are not in the damn video. But I didn't though it would bother me that much, but I don't see anyone actually talking about the actual narrative quality of the video! So why is it pretentious? 1.- THEY TRIED TO ADRESS A BIG THING IN SO LITTLE. The same animation exposition made a simple short about a girl being a coackroach, it was awesome, they took a simple premise and did what they could, they did not tried to adress something with tons of things that you just can't put in less than an episode of 20 minutes. Me!Me!Me! does just that! You cannot have a real conflict if there is no consequences, or even less if you don't know what is happening, and having a dream is not a consequence at all, is just exposition, and even bad exposition since you need to know before hand which is the situation which is going on Japan, you don't know WHY he is in that position, or WHAT HAPPENED with her Girlfriend or WHY did she abandon him, or IF he abandoned her, or if she was even her GIRLFRIEND, you don't even know IF the guy just had a weird dream and actually has a job but still likes sexy 2D girls, is his situation THAT bad, and you don't even know his AGE, I think it is around 17 and 25, sounds stupid but even that is a huge deal when were talking about obsessions of these kind, all you can do is ASSUME all that, based on previous knowledge, so you pretty much don't know a thing about this guy. And even if they tried to explain all this, is a pretty damn short-film so there is no way they can actually make a good work on the matter. 2.-IS JUST PURE SENSASIONALISM. What if you feel identified with the video... NOTHING, since you don't know a thing about the character, all you can do is think OUTSIDE the actual video and throw your opinion on the subject and fill the holes, your thoughs are actually more intelectual than the video, although not that artistic. "But it actually talks about a serious situation in Japan".... On the most superfucial way, yes it does, but read any simple article and it will have more merit of showing you what IS actually hapenning. Do you think all is about PORN? well it is an important part of it, sure it is, but what about SOCIETY? there is absolutely nothing of information whatsoever in here, how can you actually adress a problem were society is just another BIG ELEPHANT in the room and you throw it all over the window. Practically this video is putting all the blame on the 2D girls, WAIFUS RUINS YOU MAN! oh don't mind your actual role on society which is pretty shitty, that doesn't have anything to do (and here is just me filling the holes) But it is a short about this guy, this guy MIGHT be careless about life, that's why he MIGHT decided to escape from reality... again, if it was a short about THIS guy I would know about his situation and I have watched it a lot of times because people keep mentioning and I still don't have a clue about his situation. 3.-THERE IS NO REAL MESSAGE, it tells you, this guy MIGHT gave up on reality... yes... AND!!!!? Well the message is: [Here is when you fill the gaps], for me the message was, if you want a real girlfriend you will probably have to give up your waifus, but that will vary depending the person. 4.-BOOBS, BOOBS EVERYWHERE, if it wasn't by this and for the evangelion figurines there would be no controversy and no one would even cared about it, no matter how serious is the situation in Japan, the one which is doing good his job in here are the AESTHETHICS! not the message. 5.- BUT THE BOOBS ARE SYMBOLISM, indeed, but symbolism is made to support something is not just to be simbolism for the sake of symbolism, what if I told you, poop is the meaning of life? and then you ask me why?... well... because life it is shitty, and then I go away and you know why the symbolism of the poop, but there is actually a ton of information left to answer. So this guy's "cute" fetishes are actually quite DISTURBING UUUUUH SCARY... again, yes... AND!!!!??? [Insert your theories] 6.-EXTERNAL INFORMATION, in a short film... seriously!? I have seen people saying that her girlfriend has a name and that her waifu also has a name and a lot analisis using this information, which doesn't actually have anything to do with the quality of the Short. ---------------------------------------------- And that's pretty much it, I think that what happens next is that the guy is just messy but not actually a hikkikomori, he overslept and that's the reason why he has eye circles, he goes to school just to find the person that he likes but that SHE rejected him because she knows about his hobby, but we will never know, so go watch Welcome to the N.H.K if you actually want something meaningful related with Porn-Obsession and Hikkikomoris, even Oreimo has more substance than this.


Me!Me!Me! is a very graphic and brutual depiction of what I think is an otaku's relationship with his waifu going sour. One idea was that this music video is about escapism after a relationship breakup. A very informative comment I read stated that these ideal waifu fantasy relationships can start benign, but eventually become unhealthy as a person becomes more engrossed in such a relationship. The main character has his unhealthy relationship's corruption manifest. This video is a modern representation of idol worship and lust. It represents destructive pleasures and fully embodies the unexplainable feeling of rare dreams/nightmares where you wake up questioning from what creature's subconcious did those images in your mind originate. The Evangelion characters further reinforced that dark human subconcious sentiment from the music video. I believe the main character is also trying to make a stand against his own corruptions. The pure ideals he desired eventually became tainted from his human nature ensnaring him and he wants desperately to rectify his life returning to a previous pure state. Unfortunately people are not righteous and betray their own ideals because of weakness, lack of conviction, and pathetic fortitude, they are born and caught up in their own hells. Me!Me!Me! also shows how people are cyclically trapped by their mindsets through the start and ending of the video. I don't think I can call this video entertaining, but I've definitely never seen something like it. If you intend to watch it viewer discretion is advised from all the mature content it contains. This video is more like a unique quote or phrase that will surely give rise to imitations. Yes, that might be it! It's a new type of modern genre that is painfully human.


Now, the only way to know the whole story is to watch the other song: Daiko girl. I'm gonna call MEMEME Daiko instead in this case. In the song Girl, Daiko is a God who enjoyed tainting things and making things cute (in a wierd way) very chaotic neutral. She lived in a different world. filled with water as far as the eye could see, with her cute black cat she would use magic n try and find ways to entertain herself. But she got bored, and made the cat into a doll for fun, kind of pushing her limits in a 'does this even matter" kind of way. She then grew tired of her world and traveled under it to Earth in a big chaotic magic spree. When she landed on Earth time froze time, so that she could entertain herself without the hassle of people panicking and screaming. She turned people into walking flower heads and made a giant "life" tree. When she finished she seemed constent yet bored with it all, she can do anything and nothing opposes her so it gets boring for her. Turing around she faces a couple, Syu and Hana holding hands in love watching everything and not scared because they have each other. She then realized something she didn't have or can make, Love. So, she decided to steal theirs, taint love into something evil. Now in Me!Me!Me! you can see the Syu doesn't look very happy anymore in the beginning and is absorbed into the "Otaku lifestyle". Daiko, of course, took advantage of that and transformed into something she could love and stole Syu from Hana and won't let him go. She wants him miserable but not able to let Daiko go. In the video, you can see Hana trying to win Syu back because she still loves him and Syu wants her back too, but Daiko won't let him. So, it's now just a cycle of him trying to leave and go with Hana, failing and getting killed, being brought to life by Daiko, fighting back, loosing, and eventually giving up and staying with Daiko as seen at the end. Eventually, Daiko will get bored kill him for good and finding something else to do.

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