Me Gumi no Daigo

Alt title: Daigo of Fire Company M

Movie (1 ep x 42 min)
2.675 of 5 from 80 votes
Rank #6,326

Some people are the type to sit back and watch a situation, hoping it ends in the best way possible; some are the type that jump into the situation head first and do all they can to make it end the best way possible. Daigo Asahina is a prime example of the latter. Working as a firefighter, his unorthodox ways are constantly getting him a little too much negative attention from his superiors as well as the media. Despite his constant struggle to keep his job, when the fire is roaring and lives are in danger, Daigo will ignore every order given as well as put his own life on the line to ensure everyone person is pulled from the blaze alive.

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