Me Gumi no Daigo

Movie (1 ep x 42 min)
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Some people are the type to sit back and watch a situation, hoping it ends in the best way possible; some are the type that jump into the situation head first and do all they can to make it end the best way possible. Daigo Asahina is a prime example of the latter. Working as a firefighter, his unorthodox ways are constantly getting him a little too much negative attention from his superiors as well as the media. Despite his constant struggle to keep his job, when the fire is roaring and lives are in danger, Daigo will ignore every order given as well as put his own life on the line to ensure everyone person is pulled from the blaze alive.

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This 1999 45-minutes movie is based on a 20 volumes manga that ran from 1995 to 1999, so I assume that this was supposed to be a celebration of the original for all the fans. I have to say at the start of this review that I did not read the manga in question. Overall this was pretty bad, and I would not suggest you watch it. But it's not bad in an irritating "I hate this trash" but more of a "This is bad, but there's some good in it". THE BAD Action MovieThis movie is trying so hard in every moment to be a stereotypical action movie from the 90s. The melodrama is intense in a lot of scenes for no real reason. The characters scream almost all their lines. There is an extremely cringe scene in which the MC Daigo is walking dramatically to safety and they use some extreme slow-motion that ends up just making the scene look a bit stupid.The Direction is also bland just like a low budget action movie, with most dialogue just being a Shot reverse shot faces close-up. Art and AnimationWhile the art manages pretty well to look realistic for the environment, it does not for the characters. They have their moments in which they're appropriately dramatic, but they make far too many derpy surprised Pikachu faces. (O_O;) - (⊙_⊙) -(○□○)- (・о・) - (o_O) The animations on the other end are just consistently horrible. Choppy, slow, they pop out the backgrounds and don't intersect well. The impact of the object is also pretty disappointing, there are a lot of scenes with objects colliding and you don't feel the crash at all. Vestiges of an adaptationVestige: A small part left from something larger and more important, especially one that is no longer used.For being a 45 minutes movie, it has a lot of irrelevant and useless stuff...I think I can safely assume it's because of it being based on a 20 volumes manga and so they had to put in a lot of stuff to make the fans happy even when they don't add anything at all to the story.The intro scene is good enough, it shows Daigo doing his job as a firefighter and his reckless personality, but then the next 20 minutes are completely useless.The teacher adds nothing to the story, she barely even counts as a love interest. The journalists are irrelevant, the public likes Daigo from the start and nothing is changed at the end.Those two are simple sentences, but they make half of the movie irrelevant and boring. THE GOOD MusicThe best part of the whole thing is the music. The whole OST is dramatic and full of emotions, they make the otherwise boring scenes pretty epic and memorable. I kept watching till the end just for this... and speaking of the end...THE ENDING SONG IS FIRE!The ending song honestly slaps. It's fucking amazing, I listened back to it many times after the show was over."LET ME GO! TAKE FIRE!" Hell yeah. Reckless MC is recklessWhat they say about the MC and how he acts actually match. It's sadly a remarkably rare thing in fiction.They show you at the start how reckless he is, they then tell you again and again that he is. But still, towards the end, I would have never thought he would have acted in such a crazy and careless way! But it works because it's completely in character! It really made me go "Oh wow he actually did that... awesome!" In the end, it's still a bad show. But the good parts in it make me unable to hate it.Watched with the DTAB Club

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