MD Geist II: Death Force - Reviews

Alt title: Soukihei M.D. Geist II - Death Force

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Jun 2, 2013

Spoilers for the first movie, not that you're watching either one for plot or any of that shit.

Story: At the manly conclusion of the explosion blood fest that was MD Geist, Geist unleashed Death Force, which is a force of death. And it's metal bugs that eat the faces off people instead of face stabbing and they eat the rest of them like a bunch of douchebugs. So, Death Force. I don't know. I skipped the words again because it probably explained the first and how humanity was a bunch of dipshits who couldn't tell their mouths from their asses, fucked shit to apocalyptical standards and yadda yadda, Geist left his satallite prison in fucking space to fuck shit up down here. How was he on a satallite? Who was dumb enough to send him up there? Why am I explaining his backstory of badassery? What does this have to do with the plot of this movie?

His badassery threatened to blow up the Earth, don't know, I don't know the story and jack shit. That's because the plot here is even worse than the non-plot of the first. Here, Death Force has been unleashed and now what? Humanity has to fight it? Humanity is a bunch of pussy ass bitches, just like in the first movie! They haven't changed one bit apart from this new guy named Krauser and let me tell you, this bitch ain't no Geist. Not even roboguy and he doesn't take much shit from nobody. But plots, it's also incomprehensible. Nothing makes much sense, it somehow makes what could have been a badass ending confusing with shoving symbolism or apparent symbolism down your throat and for a movie named MD Geist II, it lacked Geist facestabbing the fuck out of people, let alone Geist. Less of the most badass motherfucker around is a sure sign of magically fucking up what could have been a manly as flaming bear wrestling movie.

Animation: 80s- I mean 90s, 1996 to be exact, and it hasn't aged as well as the first one. A lack of Geist, lack of face stabbing, anti-children practices and simply enough, not enough testosterone. Significantly less manly than the first but I do have to give it credit for having people explode and giant robo-insects eating the faces off people.

Sound: The music is decent but isn't the same kind of badass hair tonic that was the first MD Geist. There are a few good songs that almost come close but it's just not on par, and for a movie that's suppose to put muscles where there were none before, it's a damn shame. And the VA, there's as much emotion as an undertaker at a funeral for a clown.

Characters: Replace Geist's screentime with some pussy ass tool named Krauser who can't even compete with Geist's manly badassitude and devil-may-care face stabbery? Include the bitch from the first movie who goes to sleep with Krauser because bitches like MD? MD Geist is actually the villain? Man, fuck this shit.

Overall: Shit. This isn't even close to the sheer fuckballs manly, face stab until bitches explode and shoot the fuck out of mechs while riding motorcycles or dual-wielding assault rifles to impregnate the audience, men and women alike. This... is a travesty. Nothing even comes close to matching any of the badass factors of the first. Just stick with the first film.

1/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Apr 26, 2019

Alright, going into this one I had already watched the first, and I was not disappointed, but I was also not excited about it either.

Plot again in this one, is that there was not one. Once again it was like a mission, but even then it just turned into madness and then was pretty much done.

Animation for me had no complaints, followed suit from the first one and seemed just fine. Plenty of explosions and disembowelments and what not to satisfy any one looking for it.

Sound was alright. There was less than what was in the previous, so much that there was only an ending credits theme. The ending credits theme also sounded like an '80s love theme, which if you read the lyrics, that I recall is what it was.

Again characters didn't have much background or any expansion, so that was disappointing.

Overall I would recommend this one as a one time watch, but only after you have seen the first one.

2/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
5.3/10 overall