MD Geist

Alt title: Soukihei MD Geist

OVA (1 ep x 47 min)
2.075 out of 5 from 1,296 votes
Rank #8,492

In the distant future, man has advanced into space and spread to worlds throughout the galaxy. On one such planet, Jerra, a brutal war began between the Jerran army and the Nexram - those who opposed a galactic Earth government. To combat the threat the Jerran army created the MDS - Most Dangerous Soldiers - who possess elite fighting abilities. However, one such soldier, MD Geist, was deemed too ferocious and imprisoned inside an orbiting satellite. Now, in the present, both sides have been decimated and the planet lies in ruins. After his satellite falls to the planet, MD Geist wanders the wasteland once more. And after killing the leader of a powerful gang, Geist finds himself in the company of a woman named Vaiya. Together, the two join with survivors of the Jerran army and set forth on a quest to exterminate Death Force - a doomsday device built by the Jerrans - before it activates.  

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Thrawn Jun 2, 2013
Score 5/10

For your benefit, MD stands for Manly Dangerous. Story: I'll be honest, I have no clue what the plot is. I skipped the intro with all the words that explained shit and skipped some of the more non-explody bits at the start that had either plot or worldbuilding. They weren't important, despite them being essential to understanding what was going on intellectually and even then probably unhelpful. If you think... read more

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Brad Jun 1, 2013
Score 1/10

Over on the forums we have a group of masochists (DTAB) who enjoy nothing more than watching the shittiest anime we can find, and this review is based off the most recent show we watched as a group. Or rather they watched, I missed out so had to watch it by myself. As horrifying as this particular monstrosity must have been for them watching together, I can guarantee you that it was infinitely more horrible... read more

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