Mazinkaiser SKL

OVA (3 eps x 27 min)
2010 - 2011
3.442 out of 5 from 648 votes
Rank #3,466

Above Japan waits Remuria, a colossal floating island leftover from the last world war. It's a lawless wasteland of robot super-weapons from a forgotten age of military might. Receiving word that the unstable island s reactors might explode and vaporize Japan at any time, the Japanese government awakens the most destructive force ever devised MazinKaiser!

Source: Crunchyroll

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SirFuzzi's avatar
SirFuzzi Aug 21, 2012
Score 9/10

Mazinkaiser SKL-- pronounced 'skull'-- just where does one begin? Perhaps at the raging metal intro, the amazing design on the hallmark mech, the gritty atmosphere, the fast-paced blend of action and storytelling... honestly, Mazinkaiser SKL is hard to complain about. It's three episodes, it's got a metal intro, and the two main characters are off-their-rockers psycho. You know exactly what you're signing up... read more

Otaku108's avatar
Otaku108 Dec 12, 2013
Score 2.5/10

The epitome of all that is wrong with Mecha shows, this one made errors beyond that even... Story: OK, so there was a story here, but they glossed it over the whole way, half the time I wasn't really sure what I was watching except a poorly executed romance of the three kindoms clone, complete with both science and magic. They never really explain what's going on very well and as a result you feel next to... read more



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