Alt title: Maze Bakunetsu Jikuu

TV (25 eps)
3.213 out of 5 from 579 votes
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An Earth girl named Maze suddenly finds herself and her house in a strange and magical forest, with no memory of how she got there (or much else for that matter). When she answers a knock at her door, she finds that she saved a princess named Mill when her house landed on Mill's pursuers. As they set out upon their journey, they are attacked by evil demi-humans and demi-armors - but all is not lost! It turns out that Maze has some kind of mystical powers, and Mill can summon a powerful demi-armor of her own. While Maze's powers are strong during the day, she has little control over them. Once night falls however, Maze transforms into a man; this version of Maze has even stronger powers and seems to have complete control over them. As they make more friends during their journey, it seems that everyone wants to get intimate with the female Maze, and the male Maze wants to get intimate with every female!

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Aaah, why did they mess this so bad? The opening song kicks ass, the story had potencial, the characters were interesting and the makers just gave up and went for retarded goofball comedy. But then again this is a J.C. Staff show, so there is no way they could do better. STORY SECTION: 2/10 [Nice blend, bad flavor.] The scriptwriters had no idea of what they were doing. They just threw good ideas in the pot and then realized they had no idea of how to cook them.- Let’s have a girl transported to a magical land. Magical lands full of huge monsters and knights are really attractive.- Let’s have the heroine being the target of a sinister conspiracy. That will add mystery to the story.- Let’s have the heroine turn into a guy, during nighttime. Gender blending always works.- Let’s have her male side to be a really super-powerful and horny guy. Horny heavy-dudes are in fashion.- Let’s have the gentle heroine/ anti-hero pilot a huge mecha. Mecha are cool!- Let’s have the mecha being summoned out of the blue by a silly girl. Silly girls and monster robots make a nice antithesis.- Let’s have the girl being really innocent, in love with the heroine and sexual target of her male side. This will attract all the pervs.- Let’s add lots of nude and sexual innuendo that never goes too far. That will keep the virgin dorks to be indefinitely unsatisfied and to keep watching in hopes of getting something good.- Let’s have all these elements taking place in silly, predictable adventures. And let’s end the series without planning a proper conclusion. Who cares about the plot if all these stuff appear on the screen?Well, I care. If they had given attention into wrapping the story in fewer episodes, it would be a masterwork. But they didn’t. Shame on them for turning a nice blend of ideas into a pile of pointless rubbish. ART & SOUND SECTION: 6/10 [It’s a trap!] The intro song kicks ass but beyond that, nothing of importance. Voice Acting and special effects were lukewarm. The world is a generic phantasy land, everyone is dressed in typical cloths, character figures are rather low on details, lots of nude boobies on display, lots of dry rays and explotions. In other words, nothing of real interest. Some weird concepts here and there don’t help improving the general feeling of commoness. CHARACTER SECTION: 2/10 [You again?!] Undeveloped story, undeveloped characters; it goes with the territory. Shallow and uninteresting archetypes you can find in most series. Ok, to be honest, the leading heroine was very interesting for a few episodes, when had transpoted to the weird world and was still unaware of her surrounds. But she got boring quite quickly, when the stale plot kicked in. After that she became just a generic girl with a horny man living inside her and doing boring stuff. VALUE & ENJOYMENT SECTION: 1/10 [I liked the premise more than the actual series.] - The story goes nowhere.- The battles are lame.- The characters are generic.- Too many sexual promises but no real sex.Scroll through it but don’t have high hopes for something good. VERDICT: 3/10 I had really good hopes for this series. It was a mix of a dozen elements I’m quite fond of. But it failed miserably to blend them or make good use of them. SUGGESTION LIST Outlaw Star. It has a naked girl becoming the energy core of a spaceship. Ranma ½. It features a man turning into a girl. And it is quite funny too. The Vision of Escaflowne. It also features a girl transporting to a magical land and piloting a mecha. Only this one is actually with a great story and wonderful characters.

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