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Alt title: Wu Dong Qiankun 3rd Season

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Jun 26, 2023

I'm really surprised by the execution in this third season. After the second season, although convincing in terms of story, but completely failed in animation, I honestly did not expect much more. However, the animations are great!

In the end, there is hardly any change in the story. He always finds new ways to become even stronger and then meets opponents on whom he can try out his new abilities. The real pity is that the full potential of this kind of storytelling is simply not exploited. Even though the animations can really pull you in, the story is downright boring and basically repeated over and over again.
I understand the concept, but unfortunately not the implementation. Every single cultivator, is either completely understanding and leaning towards the MC. Or in a downright stupid way greedy and thieving. Of course, the MC challenges it with his arrogance. But I still have to wonder how all these airheads, could cultivate so far, when they react to any minimal challenge with a fight to the death. The MC always needs new stronger opponents, of course, but the fact that it always starts and ends the same way doesn't exactly show much, if any, creativity.

On top of that, he basically never encounters anyone who is truly superior. It's implied, but incredibly poorly implemented.
The only one who remains clearly superior is the arch-enemy. Everyone else is an empty shell that is only meant to contribute to the development of the MC. Simply lame and disappointing!

In most cases of Chinese anime, the subtitles are insufficient to unbearable. See season 2.
Here, however, overwhelmingly good.


To conclude the whole thing in one sentence. Really appealing animations (CG pleases!), but flat and monotonous story.

Go ahead and watch the show. Cultivation fans and CG friends will get their money's worth. For the rest of you, if you didn't feel included in the first season, seasons two and three won't change that!

3/10 story
9/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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