Marmalade Boy Movie

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When Yuu’s parents returned from a vacation in Hawaii, he had no idea they’d announce that not only were they getting divorced, but that they were going to remarry another couple they met there! In the aftermath, Yuu wanders through a park and catches sight of a cute tennis-playing girl and a colorful band of misfits – and he promptly falls into love at first sight. Yuu’s new goal is to return an item that the girl dropped, but he soon discovers the real identity of the girl behind the pretty face...

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Is Yuu a stalker? This movie gives answers to questions viewers had for 76 episodes. Some of which seemed never to be revealed. Rather than being a recap or a lazy retelling of the story this 30min movie gives viewers a look at the world through Marmalade Boy himself: Yuu. While there were some episodes that delved into his mind (his P.O.V), this movie is the sole time that the audience is seeing things from his P.O.V. for the majority of the run-time. As a mysterious guy who held his emotions back and never really talked about why he had feelings for Miki or why he lacked them for Arimi despite being her boyfriend for 3 months, insight is finally provided. Also seeing Miki happy before her parents turned her world upside-down/on it’s side/topsy-turvy [however you’d like to classify their partner swap and living situation thereafter] is like a breath of fresh air. As her constant complaining about her parents in the series is even more justified by seeing how her life was like “in the moment” rather than through flashbacks inserted throughout the episodes. As an added bonus Meiko has very limited screen time and none of her obsessed for her teacher drama mucks of the beautiful story between Yuu and Miki. The animation's a touch up from the series but not by much, the music is just as delightful and the voice acting is on par. The ending simultaneously leaves you wanting more while satisfying the curiosity spurred by the series. For anyone who watched the series and/or read the manga, this movie is a great addendum. As for the question, you’ll have to watch for yourself to find out. ;)

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