Maris the Chojo

Alt title: The Supergal

OVA (1 ep x 48 min)
2.957 out of 5 from 313 votes
Rank #15,167

When the planet Thanatos was destroyed, a young Maris was left with nowhere to go. Possessing strength six times that of a normal human made it difficult living on any other planet. She broke things everywhere she went and when the repair bills added up, Maris found herself in deep debt. Professional wrestling wasn't enough to keep the debts at bay so she took up work with the Space Patrol's Special Police! A call from her boss gives news that she hopes will change her life forever --she is being sent on a mission to save the kidnapped son of a wealthy politician. Her plan is to rescue the boy, but her motive is to steal his heart and gain his fortune in the process!

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Maris the Chojo wants to be a comedy but only ends up being depressing and tragically boring. In this story we have a scantily clad superpowered mc (Maris) with her animal sidekick cursed with perpetual poverty that amidst her space hijinks ends up having a wrestling match with another superpowered girl in a bikini.  All of that sounds like it would be fun in a silly kind of way right? What’s so depressing about it?  Well first off, why is she poor? Oh yeah because her planet blew the fuck up. Yup. That’s right. So she goes to work to help her family out but turns out her species is very powerful so on other planets she keeps breaking stuff.  Oh and her mother and father are the same, they keep breaking stuff and lose money (and are respectively stupid and a drunk) so they keep asking Maris for money. Because of all of this she’s forced to work for a shady “police” force that forces her to do dangerous jobs and to live in degrading conditions (we see her bring a fly swatter in the shower because of how many insects live in her house). Oh and let’s not forget that she also is forced to wear uncomfortable restricting chains in order to limit her power and not break everything in her daily life.  Throughout the OVA Maris keeps blaming everything terrible that happens to her on her being poor, since if she was rich she could buy the planet she needs so she can live freely with her family. Everything I just described sounds to me like a terrible nightmare, but the show seems to think it’s all just a big funny joke.  “haha she’s forced to do a shady job” “Haha her father is a useless drunk” “haha she has entire families of bugs in her shower” While watching I kept just staring at the screen with a mildly uncomfortable expression and I don’t think I actually laughed once. There’s some praise to give to other elements like the interesting designs for spacecrafts, planets and characters (except the stupid bikini armor of the mc), the well made animations or the fact that the two antagonist were utilized and characterized well. But none of that matters because of how simply depressing this comedy is. Next Rumic World Review -> Laughing Target

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