Marie & Gali

TV (40 eps x 5 min)
2009 - 2010
Winter 2009
2.951 out of 5 from 216 votes
Rank #15,970

When the gothic-lolita Marika opened her eyes on the train one day, she found herself in a bizarre and whimsical town in an unknown world. Quickly meeting the famous scientist Galileo Galilei, Marika is introduced to science in a whole new way. The town, Galihabara, is home to a number of notable inventors and tinkerers including Newton, Edison, Marie Curie and even Leonardo da Vinci! However, these ordinary figures of history are anything but - from MCs to ramen shop owners, each scientist is definitely unique in their own way. Alongside her magical stuffed animal Pet, Marika and Galileo explore Galihabara, learning important lessons along the way!

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