Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~

Alt title: Maria Watches Over Us ~Printemps~

TV (13 eps)
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The season has turned to spring, and it's graduation time for the Rosas of the yamayurikai (the student council). While graduating is step towards a greater future, it also forces the girls to sadly part with their petite soeur. In addition, the en boutons, who are next to become full-fledged Rosas, now have to shoulder the full responsibility of the student council. With the new first year students lined up to attend and the soon-to-be-alumni on their way out the door, this truly is a season of change...

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DistMan Feb 18, 2005
Score 8.5/10

It's time for more Maria-sama ga Miteru. It's now past new year’s and our lovely gang face a partial breakup in a not too distant future: the Rosas will graduate and soon move to universities of their choice.

First of all I'd like to say that this is not a sequel, but a second half, a second season of the show. It's strongly recommended you read my review of the first half of the... read more

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