Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust

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Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust

Rune Balot's struggle to bring the man who killed her to justice continues amid the world of high-stakes gambling and glamour at the Eggnog Blue Casino. The odds are stacked heavily in the house's favor and even with the aid of Dr. Easter and Oeufcoque, Rune's chances of winning are slim. But winning the golden chips containing Shell Septinos' memories is only the next step on a long and treacherous road. Rune's search for answers to the questions that haunt comes to a shattering climax.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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The subtitle of this installment, "The Third Exhaust" couldn't be any more apropos, as it's an exhausting series to try and like. Story - 2/10 When I say the story left off where part two ended, I'm surprisingly not exaggerating. Rune and Dr. Easter are still seated at the blackjack table, trying to win enough chips so they can gather all the million dollar coins that store Shell's memories.  This goes on for half of the film, with time wasted on reciting card counting theory and other tips to blackjack. Once the house finds out what’s going on they send someone in to break up Dr. Easter's plan, so Rune must now rely on instinct to win. (Yeah this was all so very useless.) Upon completing their task, and obtained all of Shell's memories, they return home in an attempt to decipher what they can, to use as evidence in the trial against him, but unfortunatly this turns Shell from villain of our story, to just another tragic figure. With everything truly being perpetrated by the often used cliche of "The big evil rich guy/company did it.” A large majority of the ending consists of a gun fight between Rune and Boiled, which pretty much seems like the whole reason they made the series, to have a big knockdown battle in the end.  Animation - 8/10 The animation in this series will always take top billing, and it doesn't hurt when the first half of the film takes place in a venue that allows for vivid colors and scenes. They brought to life the world inside the casino, despite the entire scene taking place at one blackjack table. (Although personally I think Heat Guy J did it much better well over a decade ago.) Sound - 3/10 Again, sound is somewhat of an after thought here. There's so little put into it, which is sad because music and atmosphere can bring so much life to a series lacking as much as this one did. Characters - 3/10 Since things were finally being wrapped up they needed to explain the back story of at least one character, and that's pretty much all we got. The story of Shell and why he does what he does is finally explained, and it's straight from the cliche handbook.  Overall - 3/10 I can't help but think the writers of this series had just read a book on the secrets of winning at blackjack, and decided they wanted to have a cool casino scene in their film, having no plot they just cobbled together some random ideas, and then spent a whole ton of time explaining the tricks of the game. While there was some potential, they squandered that on putting most of the detail in a single gun battle, the blackjack game and gratuitous nudity (The hallmark of a bad series that needs to pull people in through gimmicks.) 


At times disjointed but trackable, Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust , the last in the Mardock trilogy, is visually dark and well animated but it suffers from a lack of flow narratively as well as substantive character development. Who are these guys? What the heck is Œufcoque (Avcock) anyway? Yeah, it says its an inter-dimensional A.I. being of some sort but its never explained very well. A mouse that transforms into guns and clothing; got it. Err....not really.  After three plus hours of watching it would be nice to know. This is a law and order/scifi/vengeance kind of story (think criminal minds meets ghost in the shell) but allusions to and not so well explained flash backs of some of the main players pasts aren't enough to fill in meaning to their violent dance. One of the antagonists (A hired bounty hunter/fixer type) wants to have the inter-dimensional AI being back in his life and if he can't have him nobody can. They were once partners and he is bitter. That's what it boils down to. And his name is 'Boiled' too; LOL. The gratuitous sexual violence in MS3rd Exhaust (and the entire trilogy for that matter) only ads to the gritty feel of the anime but does little to enhance the plot. It serves depravity and shock value for its sake and not that of the plot. Its cartoon rape/murder basically. The most developed character here is Rune Balot, the protagonist. She is a tragic 15 year old prostitute who seeks resolution to her murder and this is the story of that effort. Those who accompany her are Dr. Easter, who resurrects her from being dead and makes a new body for her also serves as a technician and private eye, along with Œufcoque the mouse. They work in a government agency that seeks justice in an odd and bizarre legal system. Together they help Balot achieve her quest and attain resolution. If disjointed plots with bloody fight scenes and sexual violence in a dystopian scifi universe is an appealing genre to some viewers, then the Mardock Scramble series is just that. 

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