MAPS: Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijin-tachi

Alt title: MAPS: Legendary Space Wanderers

Movie (1 ep x 51 min)
3.329 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #9,311
MAPS: Densetsu no Samayoeru Seijin-tachi

Lipmira Gweiss is a sentient, angel-shaped spaceship who can project herself as a human female when dealing with other life forms. Formerly the transport of a now centuries dead pirate, and still obedient to her mission program, she travels the galaxy in search of a gem of enormous value and power, known as the Surging Light. Arriving at earth she discovers a Mapman - Tokyo schoolboy Gen Tokishima - who has the Antarctic location of the gem encoded in his DNA. Lipmira abducts Gen along with his girlfriend Hoshimi Kimizuka, only to have rival alien pirates attack them. When a new threat appears from under the surface of the moon, the pirates and the earthlings must settle their differences before they have any chance of completing the quest.

Source: ANN

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