Manga Ookami wa Ookamida

Alt title: A Wolf is a Wolf

Movie (1 ep x 11 min)
2.928 out of 5 from 36 votes
Rank #14,756
Manga Ookami wa Ookamida

One fall in the animal village. A raccoon sets off with a goat to eat persimmons that grow in abundance on a tree. On their way, the raccoon turns himself into a human to surprise the timid goat. Arriving under the persimmon tree, the two animals shake the tree and eat many persimmons. A wolf, who has been watching the two, attacks them. The raccoon rolls down the slope and escapes, while the goat, having fainted, is snatched by the wolf. That night, the animals gather together to discuss how to defeat the cruel wolf. The raccoon proudly declares that he will turn himself into a big octopus and capture the wolf alive...

Source: Japanese Animated Film Classics

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