Man and Whale

Alt title: Kouchou-sensei to Kujira

TV Special (1 ep x 2 min)
2.858 out of 5 from 285 votes
Rank #6,038

An old man who is the headmaster of a primary school bordering the ocean paints a picture of a whale, an animal he had seen so often off the coast when he was a boy and now sees all too seldom. He reminisces about his youth, when he simply considered whales a source of food, though he vividly remembers a time when a whale was speared by a whaling ship. He knew of no other way to treat whales then. But that day he sees the first whale he has done in a long time - and it is beached against the rocks. He races out of the school to come to the whale's aid...

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PharuanUndearth Nov 12, 2016
Score 7/10

I think the audio might be a bit de-synced, it's actually interesting plus it short. Pros: A good story with good sounds. Cons: Nothing really, it's short and sweet. ~SPOILERS~ A headmaster reminisces about a cruelty(killing a beached whale) that he witnessed as a child. Now as the headmaster he sees the same thing happen, he decides to do what he can. It is worth a mention this looks like a Greenpeace... read more



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