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2008 - 2013
3.457 out of 5 from 491 votes
Rank #6,964

Mameshiba are mysterious creatures that are not quite beans nor Shiba dogs, but something in between.

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Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers- Well, beans with all the facts...this was a strange collection of short adverts, full of all the fun facts you would normally see on the bottom of a school textbook, things you really don't need to know but find them interesting anyway and I honestly think this was very cleverly put together but still not that good and this review should point out why. Also to the people who created these adverts, are you sure you weren't drunk? Like seriously, I don't think many people would come up with this while being sober>_> STORY Like I have mentioned, the story consists of people finding weird foods which have taken the form of weird dog-like things. And who doesn't like weird dog-like things... I mean the story was just limited to a fact-a-day there was no story. But there were quite interesting facts, I mean I never knew squids had three hearts (or whatever that one fact was). But in the end there isn't any story and if you were expecting anything big then this isn't the show you want to invest your time into. ANIMATION Well they kept it as basic as possible with limited details and colours but at least they were very bright and eyecatching it wasn't all bad. But like I said it was quite limited to basic expressions and beans, so detail probably wasn't the first thing to come to mind when animating this. SOUND Well it wasn't anything spectacular but it was pretty decent for these short adverts, honestly there isn't much to say about this section, other than the voiceacting fitted the type of show and the characters presented, they were pretty cute XD CHARACTERS Well there were beans and humans, honestly for what the characters are  I thought it was quite cute and fitted the basic theme of things but they were bland, especially the humans...they were pretty boring.  Anyway that finishes my review of bean fun facts XD I would only recommend this to you if you have time to kill and you don't want to start a major series but would rather waste your time on a show about beans telling you facts about squids and things. -AngelBeatsYui- PS- This review is for the Monthly Marathon June 2016

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