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Alt title: Pillow Boys

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Aug 9, 2015

Haiiii~ (~◠▽◠)~♥

My name is Nori, and on this day I am doing something different. This is not my ''typical'' review where I judge the show on it's story, animation, sound, characters and all that.

I'm going to call these types of reviews ''Is This Healthy'' where I describe how will you benefit from this anime based on how entertaining, stupid or even educating it is... I'm basing this review on episodes.

So these reviews are sort of like commentary. I would suggest reading this after watching the show, or WHILE watching since these are shorts. 

PLEASE NOTE my humor can be offensive and dark and SHOULD NOT be taken seriously. Also, warning for explicit language.

My first ''Is This Healthy'' review will feature ''Makura no Danshi'' which translates to pillow boys, and no, this isn't a Ed Gein fantasy where they show how to make pillows out of human flesh. It's just fun little fuzzy anime about boys with different personalities and a *viewer* sleeping with them. 

OH BUT WAIT I'm a boy as well!? :o do boys have sleepovers like this!? I don't think they do >:o

Alright, alright. In this review I will become a full time woman. Don't worry it's easy people on tumblr change gender all the time. Therefore, I'm a cis full time woman while I'm watching and reviewing this show. Let's start!


3 SECONDS INTO THE SHOW HE WANTS TO SLEEP WITH ME AND 1 MINUTE AND 40 SECONDS HE WANTS TO TOUCH MY BUTT. I'm so successful omg. It appears I'm an excellent woman.

He keeps telling me to come closer and that I worked so hard to day BUT TBH I DIDN'T DO SHI*T TODAY LMAO. 

He tells me he wants me to be myself. Have you seen me?

The only good thing about this episode is that it's only 4 minutes long. God bless. I feel uneasy. I'm questioning my existance.

Oh my god, look at that face. You look like, a God's mistake.



It appears I'm drunk. At least something I can relate to.


He's telling me I'm crying. I'm crying of laughter bitch this show is twisting my emotions like pizza.

He says he's keeping an eye on me. And what I'm keeping is a teser in my Gucci purse I bought with his credit card.

This one is so creepy. I'm getting the ''TRES BIEEEN'' tokyo ghoul vibe from him. I'm taking my gucci purse and getting the f*ck outta here.




He plays the violin yay *yawn*. These kind of people don't know what to do with their lives so they learn to play an instrument and say ''I PLAY A VIOLIN FOR A LIVING'' *im doing the same with anime but this is not real life so its okay to joke*

He wears blue mascara. Nice.


That pose at the end. That's not right.

I'm getting even more ''THES BIAAAN'' chills from this one. Are boys really this creepy? Do we do this?

''THE NEXT THING I'LL BE PLAYING IS YOU'' Hoe the only thing you'll be playing is playing dead bitch when I call the police and my father who is a wresling champion.

It appears a spider came down my hat (or a wig?) and it scared him. Good.

This one is such a bastard omg.


This one reminds me of myself but not now because I am a woman.

''I forgot ____ (insert something related to school)'' Why do I see myself in this man (I immediately regret saying that... even as a woman)

I offer to give him to copy my work. It appears I'm nice when I'm a woman.

This is the only episode where the main character is desperate. I feel bad for the guy.

AWWW he's an outcast :c 

''I dyed my hair red'' Mine is purple, don't try it lil boy

THIS ONE WAS OKAY. First one that seems normal. I'm not scared for once.

Look at him! He has a bowling hair pin. I have a hello kitty hair tie. We can be super cool and look like tokyo hotel with our fancy dyed hair.


This one is weird and ugly.

Oh wow this one seems interested in astronomy :D

''Please come in my sleeping bag'' I would rather jump in an ice cold river filled with mutant crocodiles thank you very much.

Oh so this one is Vega, OH and what's that one!? I bet it's called idontgiveash*

''I'm sorry, I'll shut up now'' Thank you.

''There's a meteor shower coming up'' I truly hope one hits you.

This one is so boring omg. And look at him, it appears his biggest romantic interest are his hands (and I don't want to go into details with that)


Yay school rooftop with more pillow idiots

This one seems like a weeaboo despite being Japanese

He has a black nail polish. Student by day, a drag queen by night!

''I feel like there is something behind my eye'' It's called a brain.

''It feels like something might awaken'' Is he coming out to me? 

''I'm fine alone'' You should've said so earlier. I feel like I am eating popcorn and something while listening to this idiot.

I want to give him drugs and make him question why he exists. Top kek.

Omg I want to punch him. No... Sorry... Next....



''Nee-Nee'' I'M A SISTER!?

Okay what am I putting myself through?

''No snacks!?'' No. As a full time sister woman, I won't let this lil boy become like one of the atrocities that we witnessed in previous 6 episodes. We will go to church, and I'll make him practice karate or something. This is good.

I don't know what the hell he's talking about. He wants me to tell him a story. I'm no babysitter lol. I treat kids the same way I treat adults. I would probably tell him stories about capitalism and Kim Jong Il burning his uncle.

Aww he reminds me of myself when I was a kid. Full of imagination and basically living a fantasy. Then society destroyed all that and made me into this creature I am today. Wow this is becoming depressing.

''I wanna break a watermelon'' If I ever did this I would probably crush it into pieces in a most psychopathic way (and hopefully I would break the watermelon and not someone's head). Good thing we don't do that here.

Okay this little kid is adorable and full of joy and happiness but I wasn't ready for this. THANK GOD there weren't any ''NEXT THING I'LL BE PLAYING IS YOU'' or something similar because THAT.... ain't right.

Let's all pray this kid won't become an idiot.


Okay let's mop the floor with more pillow boiz

''HAPPY IRL DANSHI'' okay gurl

He's one of those people who make you lose interest the moment they start talking. One of my favorite quotes from my favorite person in the world is ''Buy a f***ing vowel, some punctuation, and some silence. You talk too much.''

''Is this seat open'' God dammit. I hate when someone asks that when it's so obvious that no one is with me. I would probably fake a phone call and go commando on leaving immediately.

''Why'd I even start taking psychology anyway'' Because you need to do something in life you dips*it. I'm studying nursing in order to stop being an emotionless bastard. You do you, preach about having terrible hair and accent.

''Are you going to sleep, am I in the way'' Yes Sven, you are always in the way... I'll call him Sven. He deserves it.

''Let's skip class together'' Screw skipping class! Let's skip you and never meet again :D

Oh god. Sven was extra unhealthy. I'm legit angry, and I feel like I got tuberculosis watching this. Not cute, not healthy. 


Oh no it's the library. Heeeeere we go

He looks 35 uuuugh.

He just woke me up. Who the hell sleeps in a library!? In my town, libraries are dangerous! Bunch of people stealing stuff and dealing drugs. Am I a drug addict full time woman in this episode?

Not only does he look 35, he sounds 47! We're having some documentary narrator realness in here.

''I observe what our patrons like to read, and help them discover a wonderful new book *smug face*'' . . . 

I'm reading ''23 ways to have an exciting life''. So I'm a woman, who fell asleep in a library while reading on how to have a better life. I'm either a drug addict or a 75 y/o woman.

Yay let's have a weird af kitten loving librarian talk to us in one tone for 4 minutes about sh*t we heard in at least 5 other episodes. 10/10 anime, will rewatch it.

I feel empty at this point. Don't even bother looking at his smug face.


Only 3 more... Only 3 more we can do this.

OH SH*T THE TWINS. 4 more 

OMG THESE ARE CREEPY. What kind of person thought this was a good idea!?

Okay I'm so sick and tired of this. No, twins don't talk in turns. No, twins don't laugh at the same time in same pattern. No, twins aren't close to the point where they will conveniently lay on one another. UUUGH

''Flower Arrangement Danshi'' I am not even joking at this point.

''Do you want us to play with you too?'' Ok listen here, it's been 9 episodes so far. I now have a stun gun, a baton, a chainsaw and 9 free tickets for a mental institution. DON'T make this any harder for any of us.

''You belong to master after all'' I can belong to Paula Deen if you guys want just please stop talking.

WTF are they talking about. Omg please send help.

OH YAY BORDERLINE INCEST SCENE HOW DAMN ORIGINAL. If I was a girl As a full time woman I think this is psycho and should be sent to space so aliens can study it or something. No. Stop. NOW.




''You seem pretty drunk'' B*TCH WHO WOULDN'T BE AFTER ALL THAT

''What are you going to do if a creepy guy attacks you'' Oh I'm ready trust and believe. Right now I see myself as a Russian woman called ''Helga Romanova'' that has more muscle than vodka. I'm ready to tear apart anyone who tries to harrass me and after that I'm willing to spill his blood in the icy plains of Siberia. Helga is not playing with yall pillow boys. Helga eats pillows and cigarettes when times are tough.

*shows me scars and muscles* OH красивая!! Helga has plenty muscle too. Let's hit the gym Ural forests and hunt bears.

This guy is cool. Not creepy, bro-like and gives me food. Plus, as you can see in the image (totally legit) he speaks Russian! Helga approves!



Oh it's the first guy. GOOD. No new experiences.

He doesn't seem to be interested in my butt this time.

This is not the same person wtf. This one is all cutesy and shy unlike that guy in ep1 who wanted to sleep with me and assault me... OH I GET IT. This is the younger Christian version of that bastard we saw in ep1.

''Which do you like more? Me or going out?'' I'M PRETTY SURE LAST 10 EPISODES WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTION BOO

''I love the smell of the sun'' ...wat?


Alright it's over. Yay for scarring me for life. I'm so done with this. So done.



No. Hell no.

Watching 4 minutes of each episode ACTUALLY took effort! I feel like, while watching this, I fell in an abyss of world's most obnoxious men who whisper in my ear how tired I am and how I sleep too much.

The person who is responsible for this show has potential to be the third antichrist. Yeah it's funny, but not HA-HA funny... locking you in a room and having 12 men speak to you while you are gagged kind of funny... Oh wait I forgot host clubs exist... ... ... ya oke moving on

Long story short, this show... is bad.


Even though a potted plant could tell me more useful things than this show...

I did learn a lot of things:

  • I'm not ready for things that I think I'm ready for
  • Now I know why I like women
  • I'm not fit to be a woman
  • I need to do my best to NEVER resemble any of those bastards
  • DON'T sleep in public places... unless you pass out drunk


Pain, fear, death (by laughing), suffering, nausea and screaming are best words to describe my experience with this creepy ass show.

I will give it an 7.5/10 unhealthy factor which would mean this show is 2.5/10 healthy for you. 2.5 healthy would be equivalent to eating a canned soviet cat food that expired in 1965.

Now I realize why the first guy kept saying ''you worked so hard''... He saw the future. I am exhausted. This show is not healthy. I apologize to everyone.

THANK YOUU for going through this with me. I am truly thankful because this was without a doubt one of my weirdest anime experiences (and that's coming from a guy who watched Pupa, Yosuga no Sora and many more wtf anime)

I may continue making these types of reviews with other shows (probably stupid and short shows like this one).

Rate this review if you found it helpful, funny or just like it! 

Thank you and have a nice day :D

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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Jul 15, 2015

I SLEPT WITH... ALL THE MAKURA NO DANSHI BOYS and I LOVED it!!!!!! It was SEVERAL of the best nights of my life!!!!!!!!! Everyone should sleep with ALL THE MAKURA NO DANSHI BOYS because THEY ARE great in bed!

PS Don't worry boys there's a sleeping waifu for you too if you aren't interested in these boys~

1/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Jul 14, 2015

This is the dumbest short I've ever seen.

There is no plot. You suddenly find yourself faced with some random boy who acts like he knows you all personally when you in fact don't even know his name. And for some reason he's on a bed, and the entire perspective tries and fails to make it seem like you're there, too. And the entire time he just talks to you like you're supposed to respond, but you feel weird responding because it's not real, in kinda that awkward Dora the Explorer sense that whatever is going to happen will happen anyway. The weirdest thing is the whole one-sided conversation perspective. But yes, in short the entirety of this short is fan service.

The animation isn't all that great either. It's pretty much one scene with three different views. Nothing too fancy. Some obvious, not very well executed fadeaways and such. Not impressed.

Sound is, well, sound. There's a voice. And a short intro. Nothing fancy there either.

This is a really niche anime that seems kinda pointless to me.

1/10 story
2/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Feb 25, 2019

The idea of falling asleep next to someone is an appealing idea, especially if they're someone who you're interested in, and I can see how a series like Pillow Boys (Makura no Danshi) could appeal to someone. And since every episode features a different guy who talks to you, you've got some variety to choose from. You've got everything from a high school student who acts tough, but is frightened by spiders, to a mature working man, and it's even got twins, which is a bit weird, but OK, sure, whatever.

You don't really spend much time with any of them, considering that the already short OP takes up a giant chunk of an "episode", which is only 4 minutes long, but before any of the guys can even talk, the credits are already playing over the episode. That's how short each episode is. Maybe make the episode a bit longer for those who don't immediately fall asleep when their heads hit the pillow. I'm pretty sure the people who would want this would want a few more minutes spent with their favorite person.

This whole concept would be great, except for one itsy bitsy tiny little detail. One of the characters is described as a "super-energetic, hot 5-year-old". Excuse me, but what the fuck? A 5-year-old? Yeah, no, I don't feel comfortable having one of the characters be old enough to be in kindergarten be in a series in which you're supposed to find the character on screen attractive to some extent, even if it's not supposed to be sexual. And describing them as "super-energetic" and "hot". How about no.

If this character wasn't included, the series would be fine as is, but having him here just feels incredibly out of place, even for this series. How am I supposed to fall asleep to this knowing if someone walked in as I was watching it during this particular episode? I couldn't explain it to them without them immediately dialing an emergency number for the police.

If you're looking for something that this series is offering, maybe look elsewhere. I can't really recommend a series that describes a 5-year-old as "super-energetic" and "hot", not matter how desperate you are when looking for a series to fall asleep to. Even if I never watch that episode, simply knowing it's there is enough for me to avoid this.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Sep 29, 2015

Story: It's like a kinetic visual novel. These guys talk to you in respective situations and it's all somewhat sexy until you get to the older gentleman in episode 11 when it becomes pure lady boners. They range from car rides, in bed with that cutie in episode 1, the twins in a bed in the academy where you are a poor pauper because it totally looks like something straight out of a hentai, a library to schools and a shouta's house. Because you are the babysitter. And it gets kinda creepy.

They talk to you, ask you some stuff and through talking, you learn about them a bit and it's all great but it needed less shirts and more abs like the OP. Especially of Episode 11 hunk.

Animation: It's actually really good. Not so much the motion bit but the pictures are great. Some good looking dudes but where are my manners? Episode 11 guy! Pure. Sex. Makes most of the other guys look like dogs, and a few others look like mildly attractive men. And that OP, he has damn good abs!

Sound: I really liked the OP, grew on me quite quickly. Voices I don't remember but obligatory mention of Hunk, his was sexy.

Characters: I'll talk about a few characters in degrees of importance. First off, that hunk in episode 11 who owns the ramen cart. To call him attractive is like saying hockey is a sport played in Canada; it's criminally underrated. He is the damn sexiest thing in this entire show. He's kind, joking, got those sweet, sexy abs, reads shoujo manga and is a magnificent cook. He is the entire package and the way he describes his food, it's thinly veiled innuendo as he describes his sexy, juicy bod. It was worth sitting through 10 episodes to get to him.

Next is that librarian guy. Totally read anything he recommends and sexy librarians with glasses are always sexy. Definite second.

First episode guy is surprisingly huggable. For some reason you just want to hug and cuddle him, might have been his words or something.

Second episode, nice suit. Total keeper.

Screw everybody else. But it's more accurate to say Ramen Cart guy > Everybody else. And more accurate to say character score = Ramen Guy.

Overall: Episode 11 with Ramen Cart Owner is the sexiest thing in this entire show. Completely and utterly worth watching for him.

2/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
2.5/10 overall