Makura no Danshi - Custom lists

Alt title: Pillow Boys

  • Isshoni Training 026: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko
  • Isshoni Training 026: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko Special
  • Hoka Hoka Oden no Uta
  • Ani Tore! EX: Jigoku no Training
  • Ani Tore! EX

First Person View Anime by chii

These shows put YOU into them!

  • Ace Attorney
  • 8 Man
  • 3x3 Eyes
  • 18if
  • 100% Pascal-sensei (2017)

why I dropped you by Stela

every anime I dropped, with episode count (sorry for the entries with no description, I've let the list slide but it's being updated)

  • Makura no Danshi
  • Rainy Cocoa
  • Quiz Magic Academy: The Original Animation 2
  • Psychic Wars
  • Sword for Truth

The List of Terribleness by SpanglishJC

These are anime I was able to finish watching that only managed to get at most a single miserable star from me. These are in chronological order of when I saw them.