Majo Demo Steady

Alt title: My Steady is a Witch

OVA (1 ep x 41 min)
2.744 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #16,079
Majo Demo Steady

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Story: Yes. Animation: For an 80s OVA, it's nice. Plenty of boobs, like a ridiculous amount of boobs, and it has that classic charming animation style that promotes a sense of nostalgia for shows of this era. Also features some distinct camera angles, nice cinematography that invokes a sense of style and pinache that you wouldn't expect from a show of this calibur. Varied character designs that may be for it's time but still are distinct enough to make it easy to differentiate or recognize characters and they ain't like mad uggos. Even minors get some good looking counterparts to our hot witch.  Sound: Some real fine music but then again, it's an 80s anime. They always have great music. Solid voice work but what really makes it shine is Norio Wakamoto. It was like "Oh snap, is that Norio?!" and you could just tell from his godlike nature. Real solid stuff all-around.  Characters: You got your stereotypes, the actually unconventional MC that actually bones ladies like a G, like straight up MCs of this shit are usually total tools but this one actually nails it. He ain't no punk either, stands up for himself, quick thinking, an actual good bloke in terms of MCs that usually get nothin. Also a man of conviction and means. The Witch in question, the Red-headed dame, she pretty fine too. Not too keen on wearing panties which should be all you need but if I must; she loves her man, wants to be a good partner to him and tries her best but she misses him dearly. A pretty damn good significant other. Anybody else is just secondary with minor or broad-spanding traits that define them but it is a 40 minute OVA.  Overall: It's pointless trying to explain the plot of this, it's best you experience it for the ride it is. It has some hard stereotyping for it's time but nothing too offensive. Despite the rating, still worth checking out. This has been another DTAB production. DTAB, we watch things.

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