Alt title: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Maid-sama! Episode 6 - (Sub) Men and the Ayuzawa Cram School

Misaki aquires a group of fans at school-- the Inuyama quintuplets. They want to know everything about her, but this could reveal her secret part-time job. She is torn between telling the truth and risking the good reputation she has with them.

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(Sub) Misa Is a Maid-Sama! image

Episode 1

(Sub) Misa Is a Maid-Sama!

(Sub) Maid-Sama at the School Festival image

Episode 2

(Sub) Maid-Sama at the School Festival

(Sub) What Color Is Misaki? Natural Color? image

Episode 3

(Sub) What Color Is Misaki? Natural Color?

(Sub) Net Idol Aoi image

Episode 4

(Sub) Net Idol Aoi

(Sub) First Time Minding the Shop image

Episode 5

(Sub) First Time Minding the Shop

(Sub) Men and the Ayuzawa Cram School image

Episode 6

(Sub) Men and the Ayuzawa Cram School

(Sub) Enter the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka image

Episode 7

(Sub) Enter the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka

(Sub) Misaki Goes to Miyabigaoka image

Episode 8

(Sub) Misaki Goes to Miyabigaoka

(Sub) Maid-Sama Does Momotaro image

Episode 9

(Sub) Maid-Sama Does Momotaro

(Sub) Sakura's Indie-Label Love image

Episode 10

(Sub) Sakura's Indie-Label Love

(Sub) The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches! image

Episode 11

(Sub) The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!

(Sub) Maid-Sama and the Sports Festival image

Episode 12

(Sub) Maid-Sama and the Sports Festival

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Special A

Special A

Ever since their first meeting at six years old, Hikari Hanazono has struggled to defeat her rival Kei Takashima at anything, whether it be athletics or academics. To date she has proven unsuccessful, resulting in Kei constantly referring to her as "second place." In reality, Kei has been in love with Hikari for quite some time, but Hikari remains...

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BreathingAqua BreathingAqua says

They both are about school kids falling in love and have very similar art and characters. The type of shojou anime is much the same and the characters are about the same age. Overall, Special A and Kaichou wa Maid Sama are very much alike.

veearchie veearchie says

Both anime are very much alike, the girl is working hard to overtake the guy, but the guy is always far off in front of her. Despite that, they have feelings for each other. the characters have very similar personalities, same art... however, kaichou wa maid-sama have more story development compared to special A.

Trinityx94 Trinityx94 says

Hard headed, strong, determined girl who hates to lose and is going to high school with a group of freinds with various fun and entertaining personalities? As well as the perfect, popular guy who likes to tease her? Well either of these fits these perfectly. I've also read the mangas of both. You couldn't love one without loving the either. Seriously, I suggest either one of these if you've watched the other. And even if you haven't seen either one yet you should definitely watch them both. Two animes that are bound to get you laughing in fits of tears at the right moments and shouting at the screen at others.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. The vase was the property of Ouran High School Host Club, a group of attractive young men who, for a fee, provide their time and affections for their lovesick...

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ThePatches ThePatches says

If Takumi Usui was split a la Voltron into his constituent parts, he'd become the Ouran High School Host Club. The Bones series also features a fish-out-of-water female protagonist with a no-nonsense demeanor acting as straight man while crazy boys flit through every scene.

If you love Misaki's man-wrangling, you'll enjoy watching the deadpan Haruhi Fujioka navigate the bishie-filled Ouran.

ForeverUndone7 ForeverUndone7 says

One is Harem one is reverse harem. Both are comedic with maids and the other with a host club and a cute 'non' couple caught up in the center :3

nasreen10 nasreen10 says

Haruhi is strong female lead just like Misaki. Although Haruhi may lack physical strength but she has emotional and mental to make up for it. They also don't take crap from people and are very likable. Both casts are lovable and the character designs are really nice. Also a school setting.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Everyone knows that lies can come back to bite you, but when Erika makes up a fake boyfriend to impress her new classmates, the results may literally end up hounding her forever! Yes, it was dumb, but what were the odds that the random guy whose picture she used would turn out to be a student at her own school? Or that said faux-boyfriend's silence would come...

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panikinga panikinga says

Both shows are very simmilar. Not only the plot, but even characters are very simmilar. The boy promises to keep the girl's secret in exchange of favors. Both male characters are popular and charming but act cruel toward the heroine. I didn't like "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" due to Usui's rudeness and sadism, but Kyoya from "Wolf Girl and Black Prince" is much nicer and more protective.    

BaggypantsChick BaggypantsChick says

Both series have the same funny air to them. Wolf girl and black pei,ce is a bit darker but its still hilarious :D

londonlady18 londonlady18 says

I liked both, although nothing beats Maid Sama! Both male leads are similar, and series is a romantic comedy.