Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story

Movie (1 ep x 30 min)
3.729 out of 5 from 20 votes
Rank #2,608
Mahoutsukai Haley no Speed Story

Haley is a student at the school of wizardry, doing nothing but racing with his friends on flying broomsticks. One day, Haley's teacher unveils one of his latest inventions - magic goggles that measure the speed of moving objects, simply by wearing them. He has Haley and his friends use these googles and compete against each other to decide who will measure the fastest speed of any surrounding animal. Peter, frustrated after losing against Haley, challenges him to another match and the two head toward the human world, taking with them an advanced magic broomstick their teacher had developed. Although this broomstick was incomplete, Haley and Peter succeed in flying around the human world to discover the fastest moving object.

Source: ANN

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