Mahoujin Guru Guru Movie

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Legend tells of a Pickle of Happiness which can grant a single wish; but obtaining the item is not easy, as it is guarded by the fierce Megalo Dragon, atop Megalo Mountain. The Pickle can only be eaten by a hero, so who better to find it than Nike and his traveling companion, Kukuri the mage? On their way to defeat the Demon King Giri the duo decides to take the Pickle for themselves - but fierce rivals stand in their way! With the help of their usual bizarre traveling companions (including a loincloth-wearing wind spirit and a danceaholic half-naked old man), can Nike and Kukuri devour this tasty morsel?

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sothis Jan 24, 2008
Score 5/10

Hello, my name is sothis, and I'm a console RPGaholic - my addiction began with Dragon Warrior 1 at the age of eight, and it went downhill from there. Fellow addicts, rejoice! The 8-bit parody franchise Mahoujin Guru Guru is here to provide you a fix.Mahoujin Guru Guru, in general, follows two young heroes as they embark on a quest to thwart the ultimate evil; and much like an old 8-bit... read more

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