Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017)

Alt title: Magical Circle Guru Guru

TV (24 eps)
4.032 out of 5 from 498 votes
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Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017)

Three hundred years ago, the demon king Giri was sealed away by a magician wielding a powerful summoning magic known as Guru Guru. Now the seal is beginning to break, and the only Guru Guru user left in the world is twelve year-old Kukuri, a naive girl whose magic tends to backfire a lot. The king sends out a proclamation offering a large sum of money for a hero to rise up and slay the demon king, and a lazy boy named Nike is forced to undertake the mission by his overzealous parents. He visits the local Magic Granny to get advice on how to begin his quest, only to have the bumbling Kukuri dumped on him as a travelling partner. Thus begins their journey filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem!

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Departure! Boering Village! image

Episode 1

Departure! Boering Village!

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Episode 2

Dance! North Town!

Battle! On Saw Mountain! image

Episode 3

Battle! On Saw Mountain!

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Episode 4

Off to the Training House!

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Episode 5

Rescue! Dohgma Village!

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Episode 6

A Rival Appears! Yondor Village!

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Episode 7

Discovery! The Fairy Forest!

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Episode 8

Reunion! Cattongue Valley!

Mystery! Ruins of the Migu Migu Clan! image

Episode 9

Mystery! Ruins of the Migu Migu Clan!

Clearing the Endless Tower! image

Episode 10

Clearing the Endless Tower!

Apprenticeship! Copa's Forest! image

Episode 11

Apprenticeship! Copa's Forest!

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Episode 12

Fight! Copahl Castle!

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*spoiler-free review* Adorable losers fight evil and sometimes there's magic. That invisible anime you never knew or cared existed in summer 2017, amidst all the trash that year, was this remake of a 90's nippon anime, Magic Circle Guru Guru. The premise is simple but since it doesn't matter to watching the anime itself, I'll give the premise on what the anime actually is: Several writers attempt to cram as many fantasy RPG references and absurd humor into a pseudo-chibi gag anime as possible. And... to be honest, it kind of works, at least better than any other gag anime of that type I know. If I had to compare it to something it would probably be Assclass's Spinoff KoroQ, it's like KoroQ if it was funnier and had more reliable gags. Story: It's fun and as I said, simple. The enjoyment comes from the jokes but the story is what kinda strings the gags together. It uses a story that any fantasy RPG would use, hero and mage gets partners beats evil demon king, but makes sure to make fun of it at every turn. They take as many side-trips as possible to stretch it out into 24 full length episodes, but it's still solid at times. I'd say the story is the weakest aspect. Animation: The animation is actually suprisingly better than you'd think it would be, and it really fits. Some of the sequences actually look pretty damn good when needed, and for a series that relies on visual gags just as much as written ones it does it well. Some of them are subtle, some of them not so much, but the directing in animation is what makes it. Sound: Voice acting, music, OPs and EDs are all fantastically fitting and the sound direction never stands out as bad at any time. Characters: Gags, gags, gags. Every character besides the main two have about one or two gags to their name, the old man has his dance (every frickin episode), raid and his goofy-ass dark magic, and a dude who's only thing is he weilds three swords, one in his ass. It's a silly cast for a silly anime, some of them coming in handy at unexpected times. The show's subversion humor relies on these guys, some of them fall flat but some of them are actually pretty funny. Overall: Worth it for a casual watch and a laugh every now and then, but not amazing or great. It's a completely passable comedy, and probably the best of its kind that I've seen that makes use of these RPG tropes.


-Spoiler free, but playing JRPG's may make you see things coming- -TLDR- Incredibly charming, well animated and posseses a surprising amount of heart. This is a comedy take on the JRPG genre that makes you laugh and fall in love with its goofy comical world. Absolutely recommended, and my top Anime of 2017, which I do not say lightly. -Full review- An incredibly comfortable Anime whose story may seem familiar to anyone who loved classic turn based RPG's. Which is no surprise because Square published the original Manga in their serialized magazine, the manga was originally meant to parody Dragon Warrior style RPG's and Square Enix helped publish this latest adaptation. Lord Giri has returned to the world and unleashed his army of monsters onto the world and its up to Nike to take up the mantle of "Hero" and restore peace to the world. A task he's absolutely not interested in but begrudgingly goes along with it after his parents poison him and throw him out of his home by way of comically large slingshot. This introduces us to Kukuri, a young mage and the last Guru Guru user left alive. Guru Guru is magic from the heart and emotions/general whimsy of the user fuels it. And together these two kids make up an appealing double-act as they fight their way through the world. Well, while that happens quite a bit they're moreso either overreacting to various goofy things within the world or adding fuel to the veritable goofy-fire themselves. I mentioned at the start that Magical Circle Guru Guru parodies JRPG's and that means this series is a comedy with a capital C: Various characters act in nonsensical and stupid ways and in many towns Nike and Kukuri simply gawk and freak out at it before accepting whatever quests the town wants them to do. In addition theres a frequent reoccuring video-gamey text box to highlight either a character gaining something or feeling something, usually as a butt to another joke. Occasionally, and thankfully so, the artstyle shifts from an incredibly colorful chibi cartoon style to what, well I'm sure the Anime would love to call 8-bit style, but to me looks like the scene was drawn in MS paint. This is the clostest thing to a complaint I have because a lot of it looks pretty jank. Not to mention the opening of the first episode is done in this style and it lasts too damn long, just about long enough to make me considering dropping the show before it ended and the proper show started. This style gets used better as the show goes on, usually for amusing cutaway gags. Actually speaking of the style the show just drips with visual personality. Production I.G. were the ones who did this show and if they sound familiar it's because they also did the beautifully animated Ghost in the Shell series and the movies. I.G. worked hard to emulate the original Japanese-only anime of Guru Guru which gives this newer series a very old school and appealing look. And while you'll see every variant of "Japanese cartoon character is cartoonishly horrified or overwhelmed by something happening" ever, the pacing of the show is sublime and the jokes don't stick around long enough to overstay their welcome. Character is the heart of the Guru Guru experience. Despite how over the top everyone is they act in appealing ways and you fall in love with everyone. Juju-Sama, Old Man North-North, Toma, RunRun, Goedicke and Barkweiner. Yes really. It's that kind of show. Anyway they all awesome. If you've watched the show and wondered why the list is a little light on the girls of this show it's because theres too many awesome and cute girls to list without filling a paragraph. While I wished some of the side characters got a little more screentime and characterization, such as Toma-the kid who invents magic weapons, the Dark Magic Society and their dog president, Sly the thief and a group of fighting grandfathers called G-Fantasy they all add charm and funny jokes to an already funny comedy. But the stars of the show are Nike and Kukuri themselves. Save for maybe Old Man North-North they're always in a scene and they're always on, reacting to something crazy going on, fighting monsters, doing fun stuff themselves, they are always up to something and its a marvel how often they pull it off. I actually can't think offhand when theres a moment when these 2 kids aren't either funny or awesome, except an unnecessary scene towards the end where Nike makes note of how much Kukuri has grown by staring at her chest. Also as these things usually do, theres a romantic subplot where Kukuri harbors a powerfully strong crush on Nike that's obvious to just about everyone except Nike. At least thats how it looks at first. However as their relationship proceeds Nike admits he doesn't really know how to handle this since this is the first time in his young life he's known or recieved love from someone that isn't his parents. Now it's not that Nike is naive or innocent, whenever theres girls Nike will follow with gusto. But it shows a real character to the relationship that its easier for Nike to run to the end of his chain and bark like the dog he is than commit personally and wholly to this blossoming relationship. And both he and Kukuri make their feelings for each other known time and time again in a way thats incredibly sweet and heartfelt. At least until Gipple, their resident rectal Bag of Holding shows up and gags at the 2 until the moment is completely ruined. Overall that pretty much sums up how I feel about the show, overall. It's an irreverent piss take at the JRPG genre but one that encourages the audience to recognize the story tropes and laugh alone. A good parody after all invites the audience to laugh at something they love because the creators too love the thing being made fun of as well, rather than be spiteful and chillish to the medium being pointed at for laughter. But underlying the comedy setpieces is a real heartful core, made up by lovable characters. I wish there was more, and if Nike's mother is correct at the end then perhaps we'll get Doki Doki Mahojin Guru Guru. Which would be wonderful. The world needs far more comedies that were just as heartwarming and consistently funny as Magical Circle Guru Guru. If you've haven't watched it then don't skip over it again. Absolutely recommended as one of the best Anime of 2017.

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