Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017)

Alt title: Magical Circle Guru Guru

TV (24 eps)
3.996 out of 5 from 448 votes
Rank #1,330
Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017)

Three hundred years ago, the demon king Giri was sealed away by a magician wielding a powerful summoning magic known as Guru Guru. Now the seal is beginning to break, and the only Guru Guru user left in the world is twelve year-old Kukuri, a naive girl whose magic tends to backfire a lot. The king sends out a proclamation offering a large sum of money for a hero to rise up and slay the demon king, and a lazy boy named Nike is forced to undertake the mission by his overzealous parents. He visits the local Magic Granny to get advice on how to begin his quest, only to have the bumbling Kukuri dumped on him as a travelling partner. Thus begins their journey filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem!

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Departure! Boering Village! image

Episode 1

Departure! Boering Village!

Dance! North Town! image

Episode 2

Dance! North Town!

Battle! On Saw Mountain! image

Episode 3

Battle! On Saw Mountain!

Off to the Training House! image

Episode 4

Off to the Training House!

Rescue! Dohgma Village! image

Episode 5

Rescue! Dohgma Village!

A Rival Appears! Yondor Village! image

Episode 6

A Rival Appears! Yondor Village!

Discovery! The Fairy Forest! image

Episode 7

Discovery! The Fairy Forest!

Reunion! Cattongue Valley! image

Episode 8

Reunion! Cattongue Valley!

Mystery! Ruins of the Migu Migu Clan! image

Episode 9

Mystery! Ruins of the Migu Migu Clan!

Clearing the Endless Tower! image

Episode 10

Clearing the Endless Tower!

Apprenticeship! Copa's Forest! image

Episode 11

Apprenticeship! Copa's Forest!

Fight! Copahl Castle! image

Episode 12

Fight! Copahl Castle!

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MythicalTurkey's avatar
MythicalTurkey Feb 4, 2018
Score 7.3/10

*spoiler-free review* Adorable losers fight evil and sometimes there's magic. That invisible anime you never knew or cared existed in summer 2017, amidst all the trash that year, was this remake of a 90's nippon anime, Magic Circle Guru Guru. The premise is simple but since it doesn't matter to watching the anime itself, I'll give the premise on what the anime actually is: Several writers attempt to cram as... read more

TheAngryBears's avatar
TheAngryBears Mar 25, 2018
Score 8/10

-Spoiler free, but playing JRPG's may make you see things coming- -TLDR- Incredibly charming, well animated and posseses a surprising amount of heart. This is a comedy take on the JRPG genre that makes you laugh and fall in love with its goofy comical world. Absolutely recommended, and my top Anime of 2017, which I do not say lightly. -Full review- An incredibly comfortable Anime whose story may seem... read more

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