Mahou Shoujo Ore

Alt title: Magical Girl Ore

TV (12 eps)
2.866 of 5 from 1,000 votes
Rank #5,586

Saki Uno is a high school girl and rookie idol who has a crush on Mohiro, her best friend's older brother. When Mohiro is kidnapped by demons, Saki hastily makes a shady contract to be able to transform into a magical girl, which transforms her body into that of a handsome man.

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Magical Girl - Transform image

Episode 1

Magical Girl - Transform

Magical Girl - Ore image

Episode 2

Magical Girl - Ore

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Episode 3

Magical Girl - Another

Magical Girl - Versus Cyborg image

Episode 4

Magical Girl - Versus Cyborg

Magical Girl - On Vacation image

Episode 5

Magical Girl - On Vacation

Magical Girl - Hot Springs Business image

Episode 6

Magical Girl - Hot Springs Business

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Episode 7

Magical Girl - Lesson

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Episode 8


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Episode 9

Magical Girl - Another and Another

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Episode 10

Magical Girl - Stalking

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Episode 11

Magical Girl – Final Battle

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Episode 12

Magical Girl - Watashi

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aztroexorcist11's avatar
aztroexorcist11 Jun 28, 2018
Score 8/10

Guys, this is a PARODY- the fourth wall will be broken. Look at this anime like you would Gintama; it's a parody of many tired tropes in the industry, except instead of shounen tropes, they're shoujo ones. Think of all the classic features in shoujo anime throughout the ages, a heroine that is an underdog, an unrequited love interest, yakuza, magical girls, a gay best friend (maybe?), and now switch them... read more

srsbsnsben's avatar
srsbsnsben Jun 7, 2018
Score 10/10

I'm in tears, honestly,this anime is perfect for what this anime represents. If it were you standard anime that took itself seriously I would be much stricter but this is a parody and a damn good one. read more

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