Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene

Alt title: Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene

Movie (1 ep x 100 min)
3.785 out of 5 from 616 votes
Rank #2,016

Yoyo and Nene are witches living in the Magical Kingdom who specialize in curse and decusing. They are negotiating with a woman who wants to find her sister, a witch that disappeared twelve years ago, when a monstrous tree appears in front of Yoyo and Nene´s house. Embedded within the tree are unfamiliar buildings which prompt Yoyo to explore these strange constructions. During her scout, Yoyo unintentionally ends up thrown into modern day Japan. While trying to figure out what is going on, Yoyo ends making a deal with a family to decurse their recently cursed parents..

Source: ANN

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***THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW*** After taking a decent break from anime, I am slowly but steadily inching my way back into the scene. I thought that it was time to watch another anime film (mostly been sticking to currently airing anime) and I am so glad that this was recommended to me from a fellow anime lover. After watching Little Witch Academia and wanting so much more content, I find myself in the hands of Majokko Shimi no Yoyo to Nene.   Story: 7/10 It is your somewhat typical person placed in a strange new world story overview; Yoyo a mage from a world full of magic is accidently transported to a modern day Earth. While here she notices many anomalies and has to correct what is wrong. While there are some key moments of extreme tension, the mood for the movie is pretty much carefree. Animation: 9/10 Every frame of animation in this film is simply beautiful. Beautiful colors everywhere, fluid movements in action scenes, and in certain key moments extremely crisp and detailed shots. Character models look great and the lighting is very spot on. Might deserve a better score but it's hard to give it more when you have other super heavy hitters (Redline, ext). Sound: 9.5/10 Great, superb, excellent, vivid, everything good. The musical score was very spot on (great horns cutting through the orchestral strings) and all the voice actors did a very good job showing their character's emotions. Characters: 8/10 The characters are not all unique but they do a great job providing fun and interesting scenes. Yoyo's personality is really easy to latch onto while Takahiro's kind of distant/not wanting to show emotional attachment attitude got kind of annoying after awhile but they meshed pretty well with each other which was the main goal. Overall: 8.4/10 This film was such fun from start to finish. The musical score and animation were the overall stars of the film with the character interactions in a close second. The plot did a good enough job providing some substance but I wish there were some more conflict situations. Enjoyment: 9.3/10  Thanks for reading my review! If you liked my writing style, would like to see some other reviews, or just want to talk, please stop by my page! Sincerely,Awesome Drummer

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