Magical Hat

TV (33 eps)
1989 - 1990
3.412 out of 5 from 14 votes
Rank #6,759
Magical Hat

A long time ago, there was a hero who fought against a king of Devildom, who had conspired to disturb the peace on earth. The legendary hero was called Magical Hat. According to the legend, the hero defeated the king with his supernatural power and sealed the Devildom under the Uson Island. There is a boy called Hat, whose parents have researched on the vanished Devildom. To continue their research, Hat and his parents visit a huge hole located in the center of the Uson Island. Suddenly, an earthquake hits the island and Hat falls into the hole. There, Hat finds himself in the Devildom and discovers a truth; he is the descendant of Magical Hat, and has inherited the supernatural power. But the evil king has regained his strength to threaten the peace of the earth once more. Will Hat be able to defeat the king?

Source: Studio Pierrot

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