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Alt title: Mahou Shoujo Site

TV (12 eps)
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Asagiri Aya is a young girl who has fallen victim to bullies at her school. Looking for a way to escape her troubles, she looks to the internet for distraction, when a mysterious website called “Magical Girl Site” appears. Simply viewing the page is all it takes to hurtle Aya headlong into the deadly world of the Magical Girl Apocalypse. There, it’s fight or die, against a seemingly endless array of savagely adorable, frilly-skirted killing machines, each armed with magical powers and an unquenchable thirst for blood and chaos.

Source: Seven Seas

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If you were born to edge this is the edge you've been born to edge onto. The edge of this stories edge is that much misfortune is pushing young girls closer to the edge. Such a girl, our main edgy heroine is introduced with edgy dialogue on almost leaping off the edge but being to afraid to take the leap, off the metaphorical edge of course. As her life is told to us through one edgy scene after the other you're left on the edge whether this is a parody or actually intentionally edgy serious. The spoiler is that is is in fact serious and now you're supposed to no longer be on the edge about choosing to watch this or not. If you can bear the edge and edge into the story with with a sturdy heart that can take quite a bit of metaphorical edge crap you are presented with something that would be a nice challenge to complete for one of your dearest friends as a dare. So how does all this anime edge end up being presented. Well, it starts of edgy at the beginning and keeps edging onward till it reaches maximum edge. This is very edgy, I can confirm, there's basically a building edge factor for three quarters of it's run. Which ends up getting delayed by some crappy intermissions such episodes were the girls are not being edgy or the world isn't being edgy. There's also a crappy brother who is quite hilarious with his expressions and existence.  The animation is for the most part passable, or rather the artstyle tends to the ugly and fit the scenes most of the time but it sometimes becomes noticably shit when the girls aren't trying to be edgy so basically you end up looking back at some scenes questioning if they intended the girls to look so edgy or it just sort of happened while drawing them. But I digress, there are moments were the anime looks quite bad, very bad but those moments are surprisngly few of course the world still looks edgy and terrible regardless so It's hard to notice but the girls will go off model, trust me. The edge atmosphere is reflected by the soundtrack which is mostly not memorable at least but intergrates well with the edgy edge that the series boasts. Speaking of edge most of the girls are good at crazy noises and since the girls are quite crazy and edgy, but that goes without saying so it fits the setting well.When you get to the characters, well you have the main two who have some backstory that's more than 3 minutes of screentime and gets expanded upon. They are both miserable existences just like all the other girls in this, surprise. You have a pink haired girl who is off-model... I mean fanservice whatever. You have a idol, who probably has the best angry upset face and action you'll ever see. You have the brother, who has hilarious faces, You have red head who at least is a personality, even if it doesn't make sense and then you get a bunch of other girls who just show up and whatever you know their backstory, well, not all of them but you know a little, okay? Basically the characters are edgy but they are terrible for the most part and the anime feels encredibly incomplete thanks to the gaps between character establishment of girls who show up first and the girls who show up halfway. Not that it matters, their actions don't always make sense anyway.  This anime also enjoys a sequel hook non-ending for those who love those kind of things.So basically, this is an anime that is an anime to dare someone to watch or if you really enjoy something that is trying very hard to be as edgy as possible without any concern for telling the story in a compelling manner. In spite of this all the story is rather generic in the end with it basically amounting to being the darkest magical girl anime in most ways possible, it's somewhat not but it's easthatics try to make it out ot be. It's at least lnot boring and once you get over the edge and don't try to take it seriously it can somewhat be ironically enjoyed but... still...Good luck to those who watch this. 


Ticket pays for the whole seat but you'll only need the [] spoiler-free review Mahou Shoujo Site is an anime about little girls with big dreams. Wait, no, scratch that. It's about little girls in a nightmare whose dreams have been crushed by a memetic hydraulic press of dispair and depression. This anime is so... full of angst that it's almost offensive at times, and underwhelmingly weak at others. The combination is an unusual one but definitely disappointing. Following madoka magica's example of a dark magical girl anime, this starts out with a story that follows a young girl who's relentlessly bullied by the most hideous creations designed to be a parody of humanity, some bully girl who wants the MC to get raped, her brother who just wants to beat her up every day because he's a bad guy, and so many more shallow people. It's laughably handled, besides in episode 1 and later on when it's offensively bad. I've raged at this anime more than I care to admit. It continues on past the depressingly bad big brother point to her finding a website, the titular magical girl site, where you can become a magical girl. There are lots of magical girls, and they each have a "stick" that does something related to heir power or the plot. The main character can teleport people with hearts, or just parts of people. There's also someone who can cut herself with her stick and heal people with her own blood. Yeah. They were going for that kind of thing. The magical girls start out all as enemies fighting for supremacy at the admins requests to lead the world into a new era after destroying it. It takes a twist later on. *inhale* the characters. they are ugly. and THE BROTHER IS A SACK OF SHIT. HE IS AN ABSOLUTE C### WHO I WANT DESTROYED WITH A LAWMOWER. EVERY SCENE HE WAS IN *gets tired of holding shift and hits the caps lock* MADE ME WANT TO VOMIT. tHIS DOUCHE BAG OF DOUCHES AND DICKS IS SUCH A PAIN I WANT TO MEET HIS VOICE ACTOR AND ASK FOR A PUBLIC APOLOGY WITH MY FISTS FOR RAPING MY EARS WITH HIS IRRITATINGLY PUNCHABLE VOICE AND EVEN WORSE ON THE CREATORS OF THIS CHARACTER FOR CREATING THE WORST THING TO EVER GRACE ANIME IN ITS HISTORY. SORRY THRAWN. THIS GUY CAN GO CHEW ON A GRENADE. The rest are ok. The two main girls, asagiri and yatsumura, arent bad characters but they're pitiful and unlikable ones by this anime. They could have been a lot better but they set the bar that the rest of the girls fall somewhere under. There are a few more insuffrable ones with super bad reaction faces that are sorta funny though. The brother is of the main villains. He sucks. The end. The art and animation are ok. I won't praise them this time because the story and characters are too shit to make up for it. If you want an anime with a lot of sharp points and not a lot of value but a lot of darkness, this pointless pile of trash is for you. Or you could just go watch madoka magica instead. Up to you.

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