Magical Girl Pretty Sammy TV

Alt titles: Magical Project S, Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy TV

TV (26 eps)
1996 - 1997
3.366 out of 5 from 275 votes
Rank #8,935

Sasami Kawai leads an ordinary life; she attends school, helps out at her parents’ music store, and tries to bring her shy friend Misao Amano out of her shell. However, things change when she meets a strange talking animal named Ryo-Oki and subsequently becomes involved in the contest to decide the next queen of the magical world of Juraihelm. At the risk of great personal embarrassment, Sasami transforms into Pretty Sammy, a magical girl charged with doing good deeds to restore balance in Juraihelm. But standing in her way are rival magical girl Pixy Misa and her hordes of Love-Love Monsters. Now, Sasami must juggle her magical girl obligations with dealing with the boys in her class, her ditzy homeroom teacher Mihoshi, and a certain mad scientist of a teacher who is hell-bent on discovering the secrets of magical girls!

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