Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

TV (25 eps)
2013 - 2014
Fall 2013
4.455 out of 5 from 18,949 votes
Rank #137

Equipped with a charm to mask his powers as a Magi, Aladdin arrives to Magnoshutatt to study magic, with another goal—to investigate the nation’s relation with the Al-Tharmen, the power behind the “Abnormalities of the World.” While training at the academy, Aladdin meets Titus Alexius, a prodigy from the Leam Empire, who also has the same charm as Aladdin’s. An all-new adventure big enough to change the world begins now.

Source: Aniplex

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Episode 1

Premonition of a Journey

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Episode 2


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Episode 3

Setting Sail

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Episode 4


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Episode 5


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Episode 6

A Kind Person

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Episode 7

Ren Kouha Appears

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Episode 8

Days of Training

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Episode 9

The Leam Empire

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Episode 10

The High Priestess

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Episode 11

The Great Rift

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Episode 12

A New Emperor

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IAnnMichelle's avatar
IAnnMichelle Sep 26, 2014
Score 9.9/10

Unbelievably, this season is more epic then the first. The characters grow and reach their peak of strength and innner self. They experience adventures more challenging and wondurous then the first. This season is alos even more serious then the first as the main characters are faced with a grave challenge and threat to the survival of the world itself. New characters are interestroududed, while some old... read more

ferengi4's avatar
ferengi4 Oct 17, 2014
Score 10/10

This is my first review so sorry if its not amazing. But I have to say Magi: The Kingdom of Magic is amazing! I think its better then the original Magi which is strange since most of the time a animes first season or part is usally better then the next. Its great to look at, the music in it is amazing, and the story it self is unique and great. The only thing I can say bad about it was that I wish it was... read more

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