Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

TV (25 eps)
2013 - 2014
Fall 2013
4.45 out of 5 from 20,161 votes
Rank #147

Equipped with a charm to mask his powers as a Magi, Aladdin arrives to Magnoshutatt to study magic, with another goal—to investigate the nation’s relation with the Al-Tharmen, the power behind the “Abnormalities of the World.” While training at the academy, Aladdin meets Titus Alexius, a prodigy from the Leam Empire, who also has the same charm as Aladdin’s. An all-new adventure big enough to change the world begins now.

Source: Aniplex

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Premonition of a Journey image

Episode 1

Premonition of a Journey

Departure image

Episode 2


Setting Sail image

Episode 3

Setting Sail

Pirates image

Episode 4


Mother image

Episode 5


A Kind Person image

Episode 6

A Kind Person

Ren Kouha Appears image

Episode 7

Ren Kouha Appears

Days of Training image

Episode 8

Days of Training

The Leam Empire image

Episode 9

The Leam Empire

The High Priestess image

Episode 10

The High Priestess

The Great Rift image

Episode 11

The Great Rift

A New Emperor image

Episode 12

A New Emperor

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