Maeterlinck's Blue Bird

Alt title: Maeterlinck no Aoi Tori: Tyltyl Mytyl no Bouken Ryokou

TV (26 eps)
3.373 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #8,988

Mytyl and Tyltyl used to live a happy life with their mother and father until one day, their mother fell terribly ill and was sent to a hospital to recover. Now, the two long for the day they can be a family again at home, but it seems their wish will never come true. That is, until the clumsy, magical Berylune appears at their window one day, promising them that their mother can be healed as long as they find the mysterious and beautiful blue bird of happiness. To do so, they must travel to another magical world and meet many new friends. Can Mytyl and Tyltyl find the bird and fulfill their dream?

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