Made in Abyss

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Young Riko has spent her entire childhood dreaming of exploring the Abyss, an enormous pit and series of caves filled with wonders and terrors that only the staunchest Cave Raiders have survived to bring back ancient artifacts from its depths. No one knows just how deep the pit is, but Riko's own mother disappeared into it years ago, leaving her daughter behind with a powerful urge to follow after her and learn the Abyss's mysteries for herself. One day Riko discovers a boy who seems to have originated from the Abyss and appears to be a sort of robot. Can he aid the little girl in her quest to find her missing mother? Or will the children become the Abyss's next victims?

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roriconfan Oct 1, 2017
Score 5.5/10

This show is like a pretty looking mystery box, booby-trapped with a dozen poisoned needles. It’s beautiful to watch, painful to approach, and disappointing once you open it. What I mean by that, the only incentive it’s giving you is the scenery porn, the torture porn, and the constant unknown of what lies ahead. All three of which have been proven to be disasters for any title.

The setting... read more

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r0manas Jul 23, 2017
Score 10/10

Well the manga itself is a MASTERPEACE, so I have no doubt the finished anime will also be one.

Made in Abyss is a tale of a journey to the land of no return. 

Made in Abyss is an outstanding work of art by any standard. Cute and gritty, vivid and gloomy, delicate and overwhelming, heart-warming and spine-chilling - it'll sweep you off your feet and drag you down into the world of... read more

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