Mad Bull 34

OVA (4 eps x 48 min)
1990 - 1992
2.952 out of 5 from 561 votes
Rank #15,758

Mad Bull is a rogue cop who doesn't take crap from anyone. In a metropolis laden with sex and violence, he makes his own law as he executes violent criminals according to his own laws. Now, his rookie partner Daizaburo is exposed to his controversial ways and must decide whether Bull is a real hero or worse than the criminals he's fighting!

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Story: The story follows two beat cops in the 34th District of New York. In the classic good-cop, bad-cop scenario, they fight crime, patrol the mean streets, and bang hookers. Wait, what was that last part? Oh yeah, Sleepy (or Mad Bull) is apparently the greatest pimp in a uniform. Several times, the plot vears off course, taking us into the realm of hentai with Sleepy's parnter, Daizaburo, waiting for him in the cop car outside. Perhaps the best example of this anime's bat-shit-crazy antics is the crotch grenades, or perhaps the Green Goblin look-a-like, Capricorn. Whether the anime uses kitten-sized bullets to render head from body, or John Estes in drag to fight crime... the viewer will be left scratching their head in bewilderment.  Animation: This animation left me feeling overly grateful for the new advances in CGI and animation as a whole. Which is odd, because I usually feel a rush of nostalgia for my childhood when I watch early 1990's animation. Perhaps it was the rather racist depiction of some characters, or the poorly done "fountain of blood" that usually accompanied a bullet wound, or maybe, just maybe, it was Sleepy's porn-stache that threw me for a loop.  Sound: For extra comedy, the viewer needs to watch the English dubbed version. Why? Because it proves that not all British actors can fake a New England accent (especially not New Yorkers). The opening (what little there was) reminded me of an 1980's cops and robbers film, which I guess was the effect it was meant to have. However, the rest of the music in the show was overshadowed by the bad dubbing. Especially the Chinese assassins who often sounded more like Boris and Natasha than they sounded Chinese.  Characters: The women, even smooth talking, gun-toting Detective Perrine, were either useless or a distraction for the male cast. Including one spoilerific female who will remain unnamed. If they aren't white, or in Daizaburo's case, effeminate, the male cast are stereotypical and horribly overdone.  Overall: I rather disliked this anime. Yes, there were times when the anime got so bad, it was humorous. No, this did not help the anime's cause. If, however, you are looking for something to make your eyes bleed and your ears ring for hours on end, I would suggest giving Mad Bull a try. 

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