Mad Bull

OVA (4 eps x 50 min)
1990 - 1992
2.458 out of 5 from 477 votes
Rank #7,330

Mad Bull is a rogue cop who doesn't take crap from anyone. In a metropolis laden with sex and violence, he makes his own law as he executes violent criminals according to his own laws. Now, his rookie partner Daizaburo is exposed to his controversial ways and must decide whether Bull is a real hero or worse than the criminals he's fighting!

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hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Dec 2, 2011
Score 2/10

Story: The story follows two beat cops in the 34th District of New York. In the classic good-cop, bad-cop scenario, they fight crime, patrol the mean streets, and bang hookers. Wait, what was that last part? Oh yeah, Sleepy (or Mad Bull) is apparently the greatest pimp in a uniform. Several times, the plot vears off course, taking us into the realm of hentai with Sleepy's parnter, Daizaburo, waiting for... read more

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Inu230 Feb 4, 2019
Score 0.5/10

This anime is as hentai as non-hentai can get - by AP standards. Uncovered female breasts have more screen time then the two main characters combined. Prostitution is the main focus of the story. Swearing barely escapes a single sentence: English Dub version went as foul as possible. If you're into those sorts of things then you are also in for: Corrupt and brass police officers, in your face media, Alien... read more

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