Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos

TV (47 eps)
- 1987
2.439 of 5 from 34 votes
Rank #6,990
Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos

Rom and his sister Leina are robots with souls that live on the world of Chronos. When invaders from another world known as the Gyandlar kill their father, Rom uses the Wolf Sword Kenryu. The sword transforms him into a more powerful form, which he uses to prevent the Gyandlar from getting Hyribead (energy that will grant them eternal life).

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Raikou Jan 22, 2014
Score 4/10

Story: 2.5/10 The basic premise of Machine Robo is that there is the planet of Cronos where robots live (and that's all the setting information we're given about Cronos really). The evil Gyandlar Empire seeks the Hyribead, a mythical energy on Cronos that would allow them to rule the universe. In order to stop them, martial artist Rom Stol and his companions (his sister Leina, the swordsman Blue Jet, the... read more

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