Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy

OVA (1 ep x 73 min)
3.719 out of 5 from 1,075 votes
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In an unexpected twist of events, Goemon has fallen in love and is getting married to the daughter of the Suminawa Family – but the bliss of their wedding is broken up by an attack by the Fuma Clan, in their latest bid to capture the Shuujo Vase – the key to a magnificent treasure! Lupin and company manage to save the Vase, but not the kidnapping of Goemon's bride-to-be. Can the world's greatest thieves manage to save the girl and still beat the Fuma to the location of the treasure in order to foil their evil plans?

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Story: It's Lupin. It's an OVA. It's a pretty decent watch for both the diehard Lupin followers and those with only a passing appreciation for the franchise. Goemon is getting married with Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko in attendance. The wedding ceremony is broken up by the intrusion of the brides family's rivals the Fuma clan, who make off with the bride. Where do Lupin and the gang fit in? did I mention that the kidnapping is an attempt to get hold of a magnificent treasure - yep, you can guess the rest. The story follows their attempts to get the girl and beat the Fuma to the treasure haul. Throw in some Zenigata for good measure to round off the setting for what is an engaging Lupin caper. The story is typical Lupin fair along the same lines of whimsy mischief found in the Miyazaki directed Castle Of Cagliostro - so don't expect the harder edge of the manga or the sexual charge of the current  Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna. While a touch more violent than Cagliostro, it is fair to say this is a pretty light offering in the franchise. Whether a newcomer or long time fan of the franchise, if you enjoyed the Castle of Cagliostro you will find this to be a 'sequel' of sorts both thematically as well as in its general presentation. Animation: The animation is on par with what you would expect from an OVA made in 1987 although it's action sequences help it stand out. One of my favourite scenes in anime history is the car chase sequence found in Cagliostro, but the one found in this OVA (again featuring the iconic Fiat 500) probably out does it. The sequence where the chase finds it's way into a bathing resort is particularly memorable both for the destruction caused and the reactions of bystanders all while maintaining a comical innocence to it all. The fighting sequences with Goemon are also quiet engaging and do well to show off the swords skills one would expect from a character who still dresses as a samurai despite the 20th century setting. The character designs remain consistent with those found in Cagliostro (although is it me, or does Fujiko seem to change a bit every time I see her? :s) and despite the franchises age the designs are still fresh while remaining instantly recognisable. Overall the presentation is excellent fitting the general tone set by the franchise's previous iterations. Sound: Like the animation, the sound quality is consistent with the precedent set by earlier entries into the franchise. The voice acting (note: I have not seen the English dub) is on par with what one finds in the early movies and series, the talent showing once again how best to switch from drama to comedy at the slightest moment. The music also serves its purpose deftly but it must be said it does not match the score used in some of the other franchise entries. Characters: As stated over and over again this OVA has a lot in common with the Castle of Cagliostro feature film and the tone that Miyazaki set for the franchise in its animated form. The characters are no exception. If that film is your only exposure to the franchise than you will be safe in the knowledge that nothing really changes in the Fuma Conspiracy. Lupin has always benefited from its episodic nature allowing both the casual and hardcore fan to watch episodes , movies and OVAs seemingly at random without inhibiting their experience. In this regard the Fuma Conspiracy conforms to this nature - you will not have had to have seen any of Lupin before it, and nothing revolutionary happens in the OVA that carries forward to the rest of the franchise. Some may find this a weakness of long running franchises, but where Lupin succeeds (particularly in this OVA) is that the characters are able to establish their personalities within a few seconds of screen time that even those new to the franchise can instantly engage in the story at hand. Overall: The Fuma Conspiracy is an excellent addition to the franchise in almost all aspects. While not groundbreaking for the series it does prove to be entertaining for both the new and old fans. For those new to the franchise the best entry into Lupin's world is still the classic Castle of Cagliostro, but this provides a strong follow up for those wanting more of what they found in that piece. If you are a returning fan to the series and haven't seen this it is definitely one of the series better outputs.

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