Lupin III Special 10: Crisis in Tokyo

Alt title: Lupin Sansei: Honoo no Kioku - Tokyo Crisis

TV Special (1 ep x 93 min)
3.736 out of 5 from 778 votes
Rank #2,701

The Tokugawa family fortune was hidden away at the end of the Edo period and today would be worth trillions of dollars. Such a large prize is naturally appealing to Lupin, who wants to get his hands on it, but there’s a problem – no one knows where the fortune is hidden! The only way Lupin can find the treasure is to obtain two glass plate photos that have the location of the loot etched into them. However, Jigen has a cavity and isn’t on top form, and Goemon’s sword was stolen, so this won’t be an easy job. Plus, to top it all off, Lupin isn’t the only one after the photos; just what does the businessman Michael Suzuki want with the photos, and is the secret they hold really as simple as a treasure map?

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