Lupin III Special 20: Sweet Lost Night

TV Special (1 ep x 91 min)
3.643 out of 5 from 529 votes
Rank #3,868

At Fujiko's request, Lupin travels to Arabia to steal the legendary Magic Lamp. After obtaining the loot and shaking off the relentless Zenigata, Lupin retreats to a secluded beach and upon rubbing the lamp he is greeted by its fairy. The next thing he knows, Lupin is in the middle of a busy road twelve hours later with no recollection of what happened the night before! Lupin soon learns that the mysterious fairy of the lamp is actually a woman named Drew and the lamp itself is a device for controlling memories. Since his pride as a thief refuses to allow anything to be stolen from him - especially half his daily memories - Lupin sets out to retrieve the lamp and confront Dr. Eichmann: the man behind this invasive technology. With obstacles in his way such as the persistent Colonel Garlic who also wants to get his hands on the lamp, will Lupin be able to stop Dr. Eichmann and recover his lost memories?

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