Lupin III Special 18: Seven Days Rhapsody

TV Special (1 ep x 92 min)
3.609 out of 5 from 554 votes
Rank #4,335

Lupin and Jigen are in New York and have decided on their latest heist: fixing a horse race in order to collect on the outrageous odds. The plans are set; all that’s left to do is wait. However whilst out buying ice, Lupin runs into a girl called Michelle who is being chased by three men. She asks him to steal a diamond from her father – a request that Lupin accepts; and so, after meeting up with Fujiko (who has her own job planned) and poaching Goemon from her, Lupin is ready to go! Meanwhile, Jigen runs into an old friend, who has a proposition for him – to steal a secret weapon from a security firm. But, when Lupin’s task takes him to Thailand, he begins to realize that the gang’s respective jobs are all intertwined. With a seven-day time limit, will Lupin and Jigen make it to the big race?

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