Lupin III Special 11: The Columbus Files

Alt title: Lupin III Special 11Da Capo of Love - Fujiko's Unlucky Days

TV Special (1 ep x 92 min)
3.598 out of 5 from 715 votes
Rank #4,323

After pulling off a heist at a Swiss Bank, Lupin is celebrating with Fujiko over a bottle of champagne – that is, until she tries to ditch him in the middle of the evening, snatching away a set of papers from the pile of loot. Fujiko then reveals that she only told Lupin to rob the bank so that she could get her hands on The Columbus Files, a document that points to the whereabouts of Columbus's greatest treasure: The Columbus Egg. However before she can say more, the pair is interrupted by a gang of armed men who also want the files. Rather than let them fall into enemy hands, Fujiko destroys the papers, claiming she has memorized them; however, she then falls off a cliff and loses her memory. Now, with the only clues to the treasure inside Fujiko’s mind, Lupin must keep her safe, find a way to unlock her memories, and find the treasure first!

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