Lupin III: Pilot Film

Other (1 ep x 12 min)
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Lupin III: Pilot Film

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This was made before all other Lupin that came before it, and it is it a product of the 60s. Sureal introductions of everyone, oddly placed live action with some nudity, and Fujiko looking like a bucktoothed goddess.  It is hard to discribe this. It was obviously planned to be a longer series but then the Live action movie was made, followed by the first TV series in the 70s. However, all the halmarks are there. Lupin, leaving calling cards and thieving, Jigen a right hand man. Fujiko uses her body as a weapon and Zenigata is still goofily chasing Lupin. Goemon is the only one who seems a bit out of his norm as a hired hand to Kill lupin. That said, the many origins of Lupin and him, and even in the manga, Goemon always starts out trying to stop Lupin. There is no true plot, just Lupin toying with Zenigata. Although durring the title we have death and Lupin and co are a lot more seedy. Jigen himself beats up cops.  The animation was way ahead of it's time. There is a purposeful goofy look that is drawing the closest coorelation to the Manga. There are some truely stand out pieces. One where Lupin's car goes off a cliff to explode mid air comes to mind. The sound is muffled and done on a big tape deck I image. It warbles, crackles and if it was not for the voice actors, it woul dhave got a 1.   Anyhow, this is only a title I would check out if you want to really dive into Lupin's past, or want to at least see where it all started. At 12 minutes it is not a big wast of time at all. 

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