Lupin III: Part V

Alt title: Lupin Sansei: Adventure in France

TV (24 eps)
4.36 of 5 from 328 votes
Rank #284

Lupin’s current target: a key to a certain server facility. Once obtained, the information of all the customers and their funds from the world’s largest online bank will be in Lupin’s hands. There, they find the developer of the security system of the bank: Amlita. Lupin and Jigen successfully capture Amlita and bring her to their hideout. However, almost immediately upon their arrival, Zenigata and his men surround the place. Being at a loss as to why their location was exposed so easily, they discover an online show going viral. The show’s name: "Arrest Lupin III."

Source: Crunchyroll

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Funkgun Jun 14, 2018
Score 8/10

This Lupin, is such a great encapsulation of the Lupin that went before it yet draws in savory chunks of new ground to make this the freshest Lupin incarnation since Jigen's Gravestone or A Woman Names Fujiko Mine.  So, you want to know where to start with Lupin? Start here. Yep, that is right, even after over 40 years of Lupin in its many jackets, Lupin can just be started here. Now, if you have some... read more

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