Lupin III: Part II

TV (155 eps)
1977 - 1980
3.886 out of 5 from 1,327 votes
Rank #1,641

After taking a five-year break, Lupin and the gang have finally met up to continue their thieving ways. With half a decade out of action, the group have a lot of time to make up for and no job is off the table, be it stealing the proceeds of a soccer game in Rio or robbing gold bullion from a Swiss Bank. With Zenigata forever chasing him, people after his life, and Fujiko using her feminine wiles to trick the hapless womanizer at every turn, Lupin certainly has his work cut out for him!

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English version review- Lupin the Third: Part 2 is a great series of heists and hijinks that happen across the whole world with Arsene Lupin lll, the main protagonist. Lupin himself is a great character, he is a funny, very intelligent on thievery, down-to-earth character that is 4th wall breaking at times and a complete moron at other times while being the leader of the group. He is the son of two other direct descendants that stole things arond the world just like himself. Usually he is also head over heels approach to any beautiful women he sees and wants just to get lucky because Fujikko (his love interest) can be a bitch at times and is even mentioned at least 7 episodes that she is.  Koichi Zenigata is a Japanese Interpool agent and is the law against Lupin's schemes which usually he comes off as dumb, slow and often tricked by Lupin and the gangs plans. He travels the world over and over to try and get the upperhand on Lupin and sometimes he catches Lupin but when Zenigata thinks he has him in his hands he lets him go himself for the chase or something stops putting Lupin in jail by Lupin's clever break out of jail free plans on the spot. Daisuke Jigen which is styled as a American suited gentlemen with a seemly great moral sense (even though all characters explained here steal for personal gain). Goemon Ishikawa Xlll is your classic Japanese swordmen with a code of honor and I can't fully comment about him since I don't know how Lupin and Goemon became partners because they seem like complete opposites. (Though from what I've seen in the first series is that Goemon is a theft as well which makes more sense why they become partners) Fujikko Mine. Fujiko is Lupin's love interest and cock tease of the show, she is very intelligent and very ruthless at times with the men in the show also on the team they form. Everything she does, she usually only does for herself, though sometimes when it comes down when all chips are down she helps Lupin and friends get out of sticky situations but even sometimes she doesn't care at all of the gangs troubles if she's getting paid without the gang. The story is that Lupin the 3rd and his gang plunder, take, hold, paint, drive, fly, swim, boat there way through the world and with their hijinks steal many treasures to sell, presumably on the black market. The only gripe that I have with the story is In the part 1 version of this show he openly kills people for treasure but in this version he says "...only batards kill on the job" which Zenigata chases Lupin and openly states that "Lupin doesn't kill people...Thats not his MO", Other than this the story is a wonderful thing to see unfold. The animation could be called dated but overall it has so much detail you don't catch the first time around when you watch the show. The sound can be funny because the intro sometimes play at random times and other times its great, the music is okay but fits for the show. The characters are very rich in ideas and opinions of how things should be and there are fights within the group over what should be what and how plans should be carried out. Very flushed out and is well shown in the show. Its a great show and I'm half way into it, I can't recommend this show more. I love everything about it but it has its flaws and some scenes take a bit too long but overall a solid anime that will make you laugh a easy 8/10,

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